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Dominion/B17 Dinner.


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Per Se Restaurant.

New York City.


Maître d': May we take your jacket, Monsieur 17?


B17: Thank you. Nice mustache!


B17 hands his pale blue heavy coat over to the fancy maître d'.


Maître d': Thank you. And you?


He holds out his hand for Ty’s jacket, who looks apprehensive.


Ty: No...no thank you.


Maître d': As you wish. Please, follow me.


The two are led through a beautifully carved wooden archway into a spacious modernly furnished room lit by a majestic chandelier.


Maître d': Monsieur Cohle and his friends will arrive soon. I have been instructed to seat you and provide you with anything you request.


Bingo heard an odd thud and looked over at Ty suspiciously.


Near the back of the room they are seated and left with a waiter who recommended a Mayacamas Vineyards’ 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon.


Ty is sweating profusely. Bingo frowns at how closely he is keeping his arms held around himself.


B17: What the hell did you bring?


Ty looks sheepish.


Ty: Nothing…




Ty: Um...a mini baseball bat, two of those throwing star thingies, um...two sets of brass knuckles. A rolling pin, and one of my socks with a baseball in it.




Ty: Aye look… If things go south, I’m prepared!


Bingo just shook his head and sips his wine.


Suddenly, multiple footsteps can be heard through the corridor and the four members of Dominion arrive on the scene.


Bingo stands up; TY is looking elsewhere so does not notice the entrance of Dominion. Bingo leans over..


Bingo: Pssst TY! Sparks!


But he doesn't seem to realize.


Rust: Oh come on my friend, no need to stand up. Thank you so much for accepting our invitation, I knew you'd come. So glad you are with us on this beautiful night. Please, take a seat.


Nate Ortiz gestures to the Maître d' to pull his chair for him. Which he executes right away.


Rust Cohle finally notices TY at the table.


Rust: Oh and you brought a friend with you.. Well, you are welcomed Mr. Sparks. Everything's alright?


TY is sweating even more than before.


Rust: Yeah, I agree with you, it's very hot in here. Let's have something to drink, shall we ?


He looks at Danny Watts, who immediately calls the Maître d' to order the most expensive wine the restaurant has to offer.


Tony quickly takes his seat. He looks agitated.


Everrett: Let’s make this quick, we’ve all got places to be, right? Bingo… Sparky.


Everrett grins sadistically at his old foe T.Y. His face quickly turns back to relatively friendly, he opens up his tux and pulls out two cigars.


Everrett: Terra would kill me if she knew I had these but it is a special occasion after all.


Tony outstretches his hand and offers a cigar to B17 with a wink. Bingo just stares at it and back up at Everrett.


B17: Smoking ruins the cardio. No thank you.


Everrett: Ah, I should’ve known you were going to be no fun. You have got a match tomorrow anyway, against the one and only Doc, and who else was it? Oh yeah, of course.


Everrett leans in.


Everrett: You didn’t hear this from me, but it sounds like management…


Everrett gestures towards Nate Ortiz.


Everrett: ... can sense a bit of a riff between you two already, and now they want to put you in a match. You guys wouldn’t do anything to betray each other… right? After all, Dominion hates nothing more than betrayal.


Rust: And speaking of betrayals. I heard you B, and I appreciate that you, the leader of the Turmoil locker room, tried to warn all these people about us.


Rust: What a way to protect those you like.. Isn't it?


Rust: But we all saw, they didn't listen to their Champion. That's cowardly. You hate to see it. But real recognize real after all. We in Dominion know you are a worthy champion!


Rust: But maybe they need someone else...


Cohle stares at B17 with deadly eyes and a smile on his face.


B17 stares back and toasts his antagonist.


B17: Maybe…I have a lot of people to care about. We all kinda look out for each other. Make sure no ever is truly alone.


Rust: I wonder how it goes.. I doubt they can do something about it though. You might be the best on the entire roster with Dominion.


Rust: You are a fantastic athlete, and an incredible performer. We know each other very well. I don't see too many people, outside this room, that could take that spot.


A silence breaks out with all 6 protagonists looking across the table.


Ty continues to sweat, dripping puddles onto the table. Sweltering under the gaze of Nate Ortiz and Everrett glare.


Rust: Oh there you go ! Wine has arrived. Thank you. I am truly happy you are here B. As well as Sparks. After all..


Rust: We have to share the same roster and same building now that we are on the Blue Brand. Better to be nice to each other, right?


B17 looks at each person in turn before speaking.


B17: You can always tell when you are surrounded by people with good intentions. There's just an air of comfort. My friend here was a bit suspicious of what might happen. He thought you guys might jump us.


Bingo starts to laugh. Everyone else joins in, including Ty who is looking visibly uncomfortable.


B17: And then I told him, "Dominion has too much honor to attack from behind!"


Bingo bangs his hand on the table and snorts. Ty's eyes go wide. Dominion stops laughing.


B17: Oh could you imagine the man who beat the longest reigning OCW Champion of all time being that fearful? Or one of the most naturally gifted athletes to ever set foot in the ring needing an advantage? I mean I could see Cabana Boy Watts needing a leg up, but then the biggest comfort was knowing that The Greatest Ocw Superstar of all time, the Greater Than Goat would never stoop too having minions.


Bingo smiles at Rust.


B17: Comforting isn't it?


Danny keeps staring at TY without flinching.


Everett grins and starts looking at Nate who just sits here with no emotion and a cigar, just like he already heard that a million times.


Rust stares back intensely at Bingo, both guys know what they are doing. Then smiles back at him while toasting.


Rust: Indeed.


Rust: Let's have a toast, shall we?


He looks at his crewmates and stands up with his glass of wine in hand, quickly followed by Danny and Nate.


Everrett remains seated without taking his eyes off of Bingo, who stands up as well.


Rust: From one World Champion to another, to our beautiful and sincere friendship. Long live the Last Action Hero..


B17: ..And long live this beautiful friendship that is Dominion.


Bingo glances at Everrett.


B17: And to those friends that we keep an eye on.


Both: Cheers.


Both men holding their glass up and looking straight into each others eyes, as the camera moves back from the scene.

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