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"Trip" in the Night: "Se non mi addormento, è colpa mia"

The Last Blacksmith

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???: World is the same for everyone.


???: its lights, its shapes. everything is objectively the same for everyone.



the scene opens onto a street within the city. It is flooded, because it is tormented by incessant rain.


???: Yet many people see the world with different eyes. With different sensations...


A man in a sweatshirt, with his hood up, wanders around the city with his hands in his pockets, hardly caring about the water falling on him. As he wanders, he listens to some music through some bad quality headphones


???: There are times when the sun lights up our face, we get annoyed, longing for darkness. Sadness. Loneliness.




???: How many times have you already found yourself in this situation.


???: There is no serenity in you, there never was.


???: An illness that starts from the stomach. The total lack of will to get out of bed and see the light.


???: Coming out at night, voluntarily avoiding the mass of people who enjoy the hours of the day.


???: And this is because, feeling defeated, you feel ashamed to be seen.



The man continues to walk until he arrives in front of a shop window. The environment is illuminated by the light coming from the images of the televisions.

Colin: "....it’s fun as hell. Absolutely kills the arms when you’ve gotta do it five times, but yeah, in the end, it doesn’t matter if the other guy goes down after one Big Throw, doesn’t matter if you’re gonna be like Blacksmith and take fifty of the bloody things, I’m down for it as long as I can get up to give them out..."



???: Look at you now. You ponder revenge. Blame the rookie for the fact that your soul is now gray, darker than the sky you're walking under.


???: Don't you understand? Sure. You never will.



The man turns to a puddle, staring at his reflection...


???: Why do you want to hide the truth...


???: It's nobody's fault.


???: It's nobody's fault if you don't sleep at night, and go around the city alone, together with the other weirdos.


???: It is no one's fault that you are eternally dissatisfied. If you can't see the colors in the world.


???: You're the one who put in the alarm clock, a time bomb.



The reflection of the puddle reveals Blacksmith's face.


???: You are your worst enemy...


???: and for this reason, you are always looking for someone to unload your anger on. Because you don't have the courage to face yourself.


Music: "La notte nel letto dormo sempre sul bordo. Così metto sotto al letto tutti i mostri che porto..."



???: You claim to be brave. Ready for any challenge. But you lie.



???: You are avoiding your biggest challenge.


???: Only when you will have succeeded in defeating yourself will you be invincible.


???: only then you will be able to see the world in color again.



Music: "E se non mi addormento è colpa mia"



???:Wake up!

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