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Ice cold prediction

Nate Mac

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Nate Mac answers the phone and is informed about his match against Cort Martial on the upcoming Riot, and hangs up.


Mac drops the phone on his chest, reaches for the remote and turns the volume back up and continues watching older OCW tapes with Cort in action, as he recalls the conversation with Tre Golden ten minutes earlier and who already told Mac.


Nate Mac: looks like I’m gonna have to get my hands dirty. All I know is Archer better send me a gift basket and some smoking hot babes after what I do to Mr.American Reject Martial.


Mac picks phone back up and calls Tre Golden.


Mac: Maaaaan I don’t know how you knew before I did or even managements announcement, maybe I don’t wanna know, but got damn if it ain’t official, yeah, I like that word ya dig. I’m gonna get dressed and head to the club, see you there Mr. Cleo. I didn’t know you were Jamaican. See you soon goon.


Mac gets dressed and heads to the Vanguard Clubhouse

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The Iceman has spoken. Dig It!
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