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The Late Night Show w/ Johnny Kibble feat. Maxx Edwards

Maxx Edwards

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We see a TV Screen switch channels, stopping occasionally, before fixating on the last few minutes of the The Late Night Show w/ Johnny Kibble on the MBC network.


Kibble: Ladies and Gentlemen, please help me in introducing our last guest of the night. Appearing in the new hit movie, Montana James and The Cave of Terror, put your hands together for Maxx Edwards!


A Band plays the moviestar in as the in-studio audience starts cheering.


Kibble: Welcome Maxx! How are ya doin’?


Maxx: I’m doing great, thanks for having me!


Kibble: Amazing, now w-


The TV shuts off.


We see a man in the reflection sitting opposite the television. Not much can be made out other than the plate of steak and potatoes from which he is eating.


He bangs the plate on the table and we see some gravy go flying as he sets it down.


???: Maxx Edwards.. son of a bitch is tormenting me!!


He kisses his teeth before getting up and walking off.

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