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Ice Cold Morning at the batting cages

Nate Mac

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“The IceMan” Nate Mac is at a local park in the batting cages on a brisk Tuesday morning. Mac is seen swinging for the fences with every hit, and he isn’t missing any. A silver Lexus pulls into the lot. The Driver notices Mac and opens the car door to get out, blowing into his hands to warm them up. The driver walk over to Mac to introduce himself.


The Driver: Hey, you’re “The Iceman” Nate Mac aren’t you? I’ve been a huge fan and followed your career and I figured there’s one thing you need. Me, Saul Freeman, nice to meet you.


Nate Mac : Hmmmph, get out of here, you’re fuckin with my mojo you dig?


Saul Freeman Oh of course I don’t want you out of your... zone... looking at the basket of balls Why do these have faces of Fellow OCW Scrappers?


Nate Mac swinging and connecting sending the ball flying into the cage and bounce back rolling to Saul Freeman’s feet.


Saul . Wait, this has the face of Paul Pugh, this whole bucket is filled with balls with his face on them.


Mac: What did I already tell you, I’m fucking busy. Now leave, before this bat hits what will used to look like your face but with a big hollow hole in the middle. You sleazy snake oil salesman, Oh yeah you’re a conman if I’ve ever seen one.


Saul Freeman: But you haven’t even heard my proposal, just hear me out. You’ve been on a losing streak.. whoa whoa buddy step back I’m just telling the truth, ok. You obviously aren’t being treated the way a major star like yourself should be stuck in the bottom cards. I can help you, let me help me help you, I can manage you. That’s what I do, I manage and help people like yourself exceed expectations and you will be that King of the Mountain kid.


Mac pissed at being distracted missed a swing.


Mac First of all don’t call me kid, second, I asked you to leave twice now I’m going to have to show you what an Ice Cold Execution feels like. Here’s something you’ll never understand, Honor between Blood Brothers or the Wolves of the Vanguard. You iinsulted my mentor and tag team partner, and I don’t take to kindly to that, Dig it!


Mac starts swinging wildly and Saul runs to his car and locks the doors. The Iceman starts laughing and runs to the car and starts Attacking it with his bat. Saul is inside screaming like a chick in a horror flick.


Mac Screaming and laughing: Ha ha you bitch you couldn’t handle the Iceman, I’m too cold to hold. What’s colder than Cold?..... Ice Cold! Now get the fuck out of here before I make you my bitch and pimp you out for matches. Fuckin Snake!


The sounds of booming bass lines getting closer, Nate walks to the side of the road, Tre Golden pulls up and Nate gets in. They both look over at Saul Freeman laughing as Mac tells Tre the story. Tre turns the music back up and pulls off.

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The Iceman has spoken. Dig It!
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