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We focus on a voice in one of the two dressing room stalls of nearby the yukata shops.


Emp:I’m really happy you decided to come to the festivals with me. I know we didn’t start off on the right boot. But, I would like to get to know you better. I’ve been meaning to try and spend some time with you but between helping Mugen and a few personal things I have going on not a whole lot of time.


The sound of Emp muttering curse words while shuffling around in the stall gets a louder.


Emp: ughhh they always make these things too small. Ah ha… there we go.. How are you doing in there? You're awfully quiet.


In the next stall over, we can hear sounds of things being rummaged through, almost in a sort of panic.




The stall door creeps open and Dragana’s head slowly pops out, her hair tied back. The former women’s champion looks around, wondering what to do. Emp’s stall door swings open to show her in her royal blue yukata, although looking a bit bigger than usual. She looks at Dragana and opens the stall door.


Emp: Oh no!


She forces herself inside the stall to Dragana’s surprise and more sounds of things being thrown around can be heard. The door swings open to show Dragana in a lavender yukata.


Emp: It’s left over right! You’ll get dirty looks if you wear it the wrong way.


Dragana: Hmm….


Emp:Wow you look cute in a Yukata...I know it's been a while but, Looks like you’re getting a little out of shape there Dragana.


Dragana looks shocked that emp would say that consider. Emp shoves Dragana in front of the mirror and taps her finger on her lip as if she’s thinking about something as eyes her up and down. She tugs on Dragana’s yukata trying to straighten it out then throws her arm around Dragana and whips out her phone to take a picture of the two.


Dragana: uhh…


Emp:Let’s get this paid for and get the hell out of here we are missing out on all the food...I mean...on the festival.


They pay for the outfits and head out to the festival. The loud banging of drums can be heard, as tents and stands litter the park filled with games , foods , and music. Large crowds of people wearing their best looking winter yukatas and happis take to the park to embrace the Japanese winter festival.


Dragana and Emp look around at all the amazing carts and things to do. Emp’s eyes widen as her eyes lock on the Disneyland of food carts. Drool drips out of her mouth as she grabs Dragana by the arm and pulls her to the nearest food stand.


Emp: Oh man we have to try everything..Oh look ..oh..look....that looks delicious..I’m starving.


Vendor: What can I get you?


Emp: I’ll get one of everything! No, two!


Dragana and the food vendor look at Emp with an incredulous gaze. Dragana tilts her head.




Vendor:Two….of everything? Is this for a party?


Emp: No, it’s just for me.


She points to Dragana.


Emp: She’ll have an order of takoyaki.


Vendor: All right….That’ll be….




Dragana and Emp sit across from each other enjoying their meals. Emp’s side of the table is crammed with tons of plates, most of them somehow already finished. Dragana is only halfway through her takoyaki, taking the time to admire Emp’s eating habits. Emp leans back on her chair, holding her tumtum.


Emp: Dammit….Almost done….Why can’t I eat anymore? How do you like the takoyaki?


Dragana flashes a thumbs up, her look of admiration turning to concern. She grits her teeth, almost cringing. Emp is down to her last plate. The food is staring daggers at her, taunting her. Her eyes light up and she wharfs down the plate, to the very last crumb.


Emp: Aaaaahhhhhh!


She tries to sit up from her seat to celebrate her victory, but the weight of the food comes crashing down inside and she collapses onto the floor, her arm tipping over the table and bringing the plates down with her.


Dragana: Oh!


Dragana rushes over and holds Emp’s hand.


Emp: So this is how I win….you gonna eat that takoyaki?


She lets out a giant burp before she passes out.





The festival is slowing down as the sun begins to set and we see an exhausted Dragana walking through the park holding up an exhausted looking Emp in a mostly food covered yukata. Emp looks over at Dragana points at her with her cotton candy.


Emp: You know Dragana. You good people. I don’t know why I hated your face so much.


Dragana smiles for a moment before taking a bit of the cotton candy.


The two make their way over to the open field to watch the winter lanterns get lit. Emp throws a blanket on the ground for Dragana to sit on. Emp does her best pregnant woman attempt to sit down before falling over. Dragana looks over toward Emp and let’s out a laugh which causes Emp to laugh.


Emp: You know I’m not a bad person. I just have a lot of bottled up anger and it’s difficult for me to express it in other ways. I would like to spend more time with you when possible.


Dragana nods slightly and smiles. Emp still laying on the ground reaches over and grabs Dragana.


Emp: So many questions...like Why don’t you speak?


Dragana Dragana looks down for a moment ...she goes to open her mouth but when she looks back over at Emp she’s passed out on the ground and snoring. Dragana laughs and goes back to looking at the lights.

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