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Jim black exclusive with Wolves of Vanguard

Tre Golden

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The Wolves of Vanguard are making their way back to the locker rooms after their victory against Kassidy Hayes and AC Cobra. They are stopped Jim Black.


JB: Tre Golden, Nate Mac, tonight you gained you first victory as a team. How are two you feeling?


Golden: I feel amazing, and I can safely say that Nate feels the same. Nate Mac nodding and quietly answers lower than Tre to not interrupt: “oh yeah dig that”.


Golden: I finally got my hands on that snake AC Cobra, and I broke that Motherfucker in half… right after watching Kassidy desperately Crawl to make the tag. Great television.


Nate Mac dig it yeah.


Golden: This is the first of many Jimmer, it's open season on everyone. No one is safe. The wolves are going to stalk and hunt until we Take those Tag Championships. Both of us will have a belt over our shoulders…. and I see the disbelief on your face Jimmer, but it will happen.


Nate Mac Dig That, yeah!


Golden: Next week I will Run Through Ryu Matsumoto and K’Dangleo. Securing my place as the #1 contender to the OCW Pride Championship.


Golden: Then on to Chill Factor, to beat the Holy hell out of Justin Jehst.


Nate Mac: Can you feel that Jim, that’s passion, that’s the call of the wild, if you will. See, like my Brother Tre said, it’s Hunting Season, and the Wolves have been unleashed and we will hunt you down, and give you the beating of your Lives, ask Shepard how his punk ass feels.


Jim Black Well, Um, Mister Iceman, your W/L record doesn’t match the same energy in the OCW ring.


Tre holds Nate Mac back, and Mac stops.


Nate Mac yeah, I’ve lost to legends and to my main man, my mentor. But no one dominated me, I put the fists and leathers to all of em. But even those L’s cant stop my destiny here in OCW. I already took one of your players out of the game. And Jimbo, watch how you speak to me, I don’t take no lip from a backstage lackey.


Nate Mac moves close to Jim and slides his shades down his nose so Jim can see his eyes. Tre laughs and pulls Nate Mac back.


Golden: Now if you would excuse us, we have a night of celebration in front of us at the Throne Room.


Both men start to walk away before Tre suddenly stops, and turns around, reaching into the pocket of his vest, he produces a card.


Golden: You know what Jim you work hard show this card to Candy, she'll have one of the girls treat you to a free Dance.


Golden slides the card into Jim's breast pocket and gives it a pat.


Golden: let's get out here Iceman.


Nate Mac: HaHa yeah. Make sure it’s candy with a C not K. “She” works Wednesday’s. Hahahaha whispering to Tre “$50 says he shows up on Wednesday”


Nate Mac: Let’s go celebrate Wolf Style baby! The Wolves on the prowl! Oh Yeah now Dig That!


The two rogues exit the frame as the screen fades to black.

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