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Destroy me to redeem yourself

The Last Blacksmith

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The scene opens in a remote place. It would be impossible to say where we are. It is night, and the only thing you can see is a pile of objects piled up like garbage, and a man in front of them hooded, looking down at a photo he is holding in his hand.


Blacksmith:I know how do you feel about me Harvey. I know what you think of me.


Blacksmith: and I understand you know... trust me. I really do.



Blacksmith: I know that feeling. The feeling of when another person makes you feel more.


Blacksmith looks at the photo and gives a half smile


Blacksmith: I know that illusion Harvey...


Blacksmith:and I also know the pain that one feels when this is gone.


Blacksmith:I'm aware to be an opportunistic bastard for using this thing to take you to the ring with me ... like I've done before.


Blacksmith:But you have to understand one thing .I'm just trying to do you a favor.


Blacksmith: I'm giving you a great chance. Designate a culprit for what happened, and stop blaming yourself.


Blacksmith raises his head at the pile of objects.A horse mask can also be seen in the pile.



Blacksmith: If there is one thing I understand, it is that the past is past.


The Italian wrestler takes a petrol can and begins to wet the pile of objects.



Blacksmith: Let me be the embodiment of your guilt Harvey...


Blacksmith takes a lighter, and ignites the pile of objects. A huge fire grows before his eyes, devoid of emotion.


Blacksmith: Destroy me. To destroy the part of yourself that feels guilty.


Blacksmith: If you don't, you will feel guilty until the end of your days.



Blacksmith takes one last look at the photo he held in his right hand. And after throws it into the fire.


The light of the fire illuminates the carnivore's face, making visible what is probably a tear falling from his left eye.


Blacksmith:I am the past. Delete me, and you will be free again.


Blacksmith's now angry gaze rests on the burning pile of objects for the last time. The scene ends in darkness..

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