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Ice Cold TV

Nate Mac

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The Iceman Nate Mac is laying in bed in his new apartment, grabs the remote for the TV and pushes the power button. Nate Mac is flipping through the channels when he comes across the Spanish Channel showing last weeks Riot on replay. Nate Mac leaves it there and starts watching the program.


Shepard’s face comes in to view and he listens to What Shepard has to say, jaw tightening more with each word Shepard speaks. Nate Mac turns the TV off and sits up on the edge of the bed, obviously angered by Shepard’s words, he gets up cussing at the TV


Nate Mac: Alright you Motherfucker, just begging to get your ass whooped again. “Not the one“? Shiiit, obviously he’s forgotten how it feels to get frost bitten by the IceMan. Just wait until I get my hands on you again.


Nate Mac gets dressed and heads to the gym, time to release that anger and get back to work, with the words of Shepard echoing in his head. Nate walks out the door and locks it as the scene fades out.

The Iceman has spoken. Dig It!
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