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Chill Faktor fallout [Chill Faktor Main Event Spoilers]


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We pan to the backstage area, where everybody has already left the building. Nobody in the corridors or the parking lot. An empty arena. Couple of hours past after the Chill Faktor PPV. Only the sound of air vents still prevail.



When suddenly casters can be heard in the background, getting closer. The familiar figure holding his suitcase, is the former OCW Champion, Rust Cohle, who once again felt short to his long time rival and former friend, Ijitu Quartz.



He is walking to the parking lot, head down, seemingly heartbroken. He stops while is phone is ringing. The name on it is the one of his Dominion partner, Nate Ortiz. Eleven unanswered calls and a message that reads "Where you at Frenchize ?".



Rust looks at it and lock his phone, turns his attention to a dumpster near by, takes his phone and let it fall into the garbage.



He takes back his suitcase, and looks at his feet for a moment. He then proceed to walk through the empty parking lot, his head still down, before disappearing from afar as the scene fades..

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