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Ice Cold Calling

Nate Mac

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The Iceman Nate Mac is asleep in his apartment, still drunk from the previous night’s Shenanigans. Slowly coming around, he hears his phone ringing and after searching for it in the bed, he answers already agitated.


Nate Mac WHAT!?


Caller Another match another Loss, huh kid? When are you ever going to learn and accept the truth, huh?




Saul Freeman: Whoa ho-ho Buddy, settle down; I just want to talk, eh, ok?


Nate Mac Fuck off Saul, I ain’t got the time nor inclination, so again. Fuck Off!


The IceMan hangs up his phone and sets it in the Bedside end table, then lays back down. The phone rings again.


Nate Mac That’s it. I’m gonna fuck you up Saul.


Saul Freeman Hey buddy, just list...


Nate Mac Stop calling me buddy, I’m not your friend Saul, in fact how do you have my number? Who the fuck gave it to you!?


Saul Freeman I have my ways, a business man such as myself has trade secrets, I’m sure you can appreciate that. Speaking of business, what is going on with you and winning a match? You scared of success? I mean you had legends on their knees, desperately trying to survive the match. I see you have a killers heart, but you gotta get some W’s, eh? That’s where I come in. You have a tag match coming up on Turmoil, let me be there in your Corner, with Tre of course. He doesn’t have to talk to me or anything, I’m just there. Under my guidance you will have multiple titles and a Hall if Fame Career. Just trust me. Because what you’re doing, ain’t working.


Nate Mac Hmmm. I hear ya. So I guess that just leaves a meeting and sign some papers right, oh, wait.. FUCK YOU Saul. Fuck all the way off over there. I swear if I see or hear from you again Saul, I’m not gonna be so nice, ya dig? Now, Fuck Off!


Mac hangs up again, turns off his ringer and lays back down to sleep again.

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