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The first vignette of VALcano.

Val Eerie

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A lone camera pans into a 50’s style black and white television set accompanied by a relaxing steel guitar and a Hawaiian steel drum giving the feeling of serenity and a true island feel. An idyllic backdrop of a golden beach overshadowed by a domineering looking volcano behind it flickers up on the screen, in a deep sepia colour.


The television set starts to rumble on the floor below, causing the TV aerial ontop of the television to tip sideways every so often. The shaking starts to turn violent and vigorous as the volcano in the television starts to erupt and emits a fluorescent orange lava from deep within it’s once dormant caverns. The lava itself starts to run down the volcano’s rocky exterior as it starts to trickle down through the TV set! The lava starts to harden and gradually to materialises into the outline of a slender woman.


The glowing lava starts to harden into molten rock and distinct facial features start to appear on the face of the female. Skin starts to creep over in the palest porcelain white all over the formation and thus...VALcano was born!!!!


Val muses a hand to her mouth in a coquettish manner, somewhat stunned at the camera blaring straight ahead of her.


VAL: For those of you who don’t know who I am, the name’s VALcano and I come here to heat things up!


Val melodramatically fans herself down with her left hand and muses a smirk on her crimson lips. She gestures the camera to zoom towards her flame-inspired fringe as she then composes herself with her arms holstering her hips.


VAL: To the ladies of the OCW isle, I have emerged from the depths and I am ready to set this place ablaze!


Val’s eyes sparkle with intensity after uttering one of her signature fire puns. She then points a finger directly at the her chin, almost like she was pondering something.


VAL: Take this as your eruption warning...


There is a flicker of mischief plastered all over her face as she starts to make her way over to the television set, gradually morphing into a pool of destructive lava and instantly disintegrating the TV!


The scenes fades with only the embers of the TV visible.

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Yay new guy using the Morrison method correctly. I'll never say don't drop rps here. But stuff to develop your character is great for shows too. We got Riot coming up next week and The Clash ppv as places to drop stuff as well.
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