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Ice Cold Recovery

Nate Mac

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The Iceman Nate Mac is drying off from taking a long hot shower to loosen up, and wrapping ice packs around his bruised and battered body from the sneak attack from Shepard on last nights Riot. Wincing with the pain he looks in the mirror and smiles. He lets out a chuckle and looking at himself he says


Nate Mac Got damn Shepard got me Fuggin good. I like that. Maybe now he will fight me like he means it. I sure know how to get under people’s skin hahaha.


Mac’s phone rings, caller unknown. Mac answers:


Nate Mac tired and sore Ello?


Unknown Caller . “Man on Man. I swear, how you can loose and not even be booked for a match. I must get my eyes checked because I thought you were a winner kid, not whatever it is I thought I saw in you doesn’t exist.


Nate Mac Mother fuck! Saul! Stop fucking calling me I’ve blocked you, got a new number blocked you, and you’re still on my God Damn Phone! What the fuck do you want. This is it Saul. I’m gonna fuck you up. I may be losing to Professionals, Legends, Hall of Famers and Champions. I got enough of my own charisma and intensity and ruthlessness, and if you don’t want to see the levels of violence I am capable of, I broke your hands next I’m gonna break your face.


Saul Freeman chuckling: Really? You can’t win a match but you want to be strong against an untrained what did you call it, “Professional.?” I like your style, listen to the Big Bad Wolf. All Huff and puff , but Can’t blow the house down.


Nate Mac You know what. Click. The IceMan hangs up, looks at himself in the mirror again, shakes his head, grabs his gym bag and heads to the Combat Center to continue training. The phone conversation with Saul Freeman hit too close to home, because he’s right. and The Iceman knows it.

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