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Ice Cold Clashes

Nate Mac

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The IceMan Nate Mac is in bed the morning of The Clash PPV. Still a little drunk from the night before, he gets up out of bed and walks to the fridge and grabs a PBR out and opens it


Nate Mac Hair of the dog that bitcha. I better get showered and ready to go even though its another PPV on the sidelines, but I ain’t missing it by gawd. I need to call Tre, see if he wants to go together or meet up, but first I gotta find my toothbrush, unless the cat that shit in my mouth ran off with it, ah mouthwash.


Nate Mac opens the bottle takes a big gulp then rinses his mouth out Gurgle gurgle gurgle. Mac spits the rest of the mouthwash in the sink and brushes his teeth, grabs his PBR and turns on the shower.


MacNothing like a nice shower beer in the morning, ‘Merica! Land of the free baby oh yeah.


Mac showers and drinks his PBR by the time he’s done. Mac grabs another and gets dressed, then the phone rings. Without looking he answers.


Nate Mac Hey Bro, I was just about to call you...


Caller I doubt that, but hey, big show tonight, eh? another PPV without “The Iceman” had you taken my offer you would be main eventing by now.


Mate Mac Mother bitch father fucker Saul!


Saul Freeman You can try to block me all you want, but I have my ways of getting through to you. But I’m sure you will be there, tru to start a fight and will lose again, not even booked. I love watching it. It’s like I can see Mozart’s beautiful music with each of your losses.


Nate Mac Fuck off Saul.


Mac hangs up gets dressed grabs his bag and heads to the arena. Trying to figure out in his head how Saul keeps getting through, and The doubt Planted is starting to grow, as Nate thinks about how successful he was in the indies and has failed to deliver in OCW. A dangerous thing doubt can be, Mac shakes it off and drives away on his Harley Fat Boy.

The Iceman has spoken. Dig It!
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