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The One Place Not Corrupted by Capitalism

Colin Locke

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The camera pans over an industrial estate. The buildings are all in a state of disrepair, the sky is looking grey, and there is a general feeling of peace and quiet in the area. The only ones there, it seems, are the Locke & Key crew, and Colin Locke stands in the middle of the group, a crutch in his left hand supporting some of his weight and a new, better designed set of metal kneepads wrapped tightly around his knees.


Colin: Alright, guys. We did it. We’ve showed Archer that he can’t come around here throwing his weight around, and I’ll tell you what, I bet we’ve made a lot of people happy by beating him.


Colin leads the group as he limps up to a building and knocks on the door. The rest of the crew look uneasy as they follow him, but the group are welcomed inside the building, and it is revealed to be one of Locke & Key’s storage facilities. Once everyone is inside, the door closes behind them, and the camera pans across the group.


Locke & Key Crew 1: Colin… You’re hurt, there. Like, Archer beat the shit out of your leg to get past the metal plates, and he did do it. That’s a lot of force, you need to get checked out, man.


Colin: Look, I’ve got time to get checked out later, I need to protect myself as much as I can. If I can’t walk, I can’t scoop, if I can’t scoop, I can’t succeed, right? Imagine if he hadn’t been warning me for months that he’d try and cripple my legs. Imagine if he hadn’t actually decimated my gear with a shovel in one of these lots. I got lucky, I was right to do what I did.


L&K Crew 1: But if you hadn’t gone in with metal attached to your kneepad, he would’ve hurt you just enough to get a submission. It’s like you said, it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about punching billionaires in the face, and you could’ve done that without putting yourself in so much danger.


There is a moment of pause as Colin listens, head bowed slightly.


Colin: But if I wasn’t protected, he might’ve done much worse. I don’t trust Archer. I can’t, he tried to put us out of business. Christ, the best way to do that would’ve been to make sure I can’t wrestle, make sure I can’t do my job so I can keep you guys employed, with a roof over your heads. I’ve…


Colin swallows hard, and looks up to the group, determined and one-hundred-percent sure of himself.


Colin: I’ve gotta do this, guys. I’ll be off this crutch over the next few days, and I’ll be back in business.


A few smiles of gratitude emerge amongst the Locke & Key crew, and Colin beckons them to follow him. The group walk throw the narrow corridors of the storage lot, and eventually come to the shutter door of the Locke & Key War Room, the Locke & Key logo still proudly displayed on it. Colin goes to press the button to open the door, but another member of the crew put a hand on his shoulder.


L&K Crew 2: I just need to ask. Archer didn’t bet the storage lots on this. We’ve got nothing back from him for winning and whether you’re off the crutch over the next few days or not, you are hurt. Do you think it was worth the risk?


A small smirk appears on Colin’s face as he presses the button, and the door opens. As the shutter door rises, a phone rings. Then, another phone rings. And another. And another. And another.


Colin: It was never about winning or losing, it was about punching billionaires in the face.


The lights of the war room come on, and every mobile phone is lit up, vibrating furiously on their tables.


Colin: Because, at the end of the day, no one wants their lives being decided by people that far removed from the real world. There’ll always be people who need to ‘sell out’ to keep a roof over their heads, and that’s fine, but every one of those phones? That’s someone who believes in the disrupters, the guys who want to punch billionaires, both figuratively and literally, and, most importantly, financially.


The crew fill the room, answering their phones and frantically jotting down notes as new orders come in, and new lots become available. Colin turns and faces the camera, taking a second to gather his thoughts before addressing it.


Colin: We might not have gotten the lots back, but I think we’ve won a bit of favour in the storage industry. As for favour in wrestling, I reckon I’ve got a bit more of that, too, and I’m gonna be seeing you guys very, very soon. It takes a lot more than, you know, sustained blunt force trauma to keep me out of it, and, until next time, you can keep that under Locke & Key.


Colin gives the camera a nod before turning and limping into the room to join his crew as the scenes fades out.

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