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Ice Cold Precision

Nate Mac

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Nate Mac has showered and gotten dressed and ready to go to the Combat Center to get some training in before his match on Turmoil against Shepard. A look of determination and dead eyed focus, knowing he has to bring everything plus more for his showdown with Shepard. Looking himself over one last time before heading out; The phone rings. Mac reluctantly answers figuring who it will be, and he wasn’t wrong.


Nate Mac Yeah?


Saul Freeman hey there kid, I’m just letting you know I’ll be there at Turmoil, watching your match closely. I hope you get what you deserve. I hope Shepard knocks you three ways to hell. You don’t belong in OCW and you know it, we all know it. Only one not getting the message is you.


Nate Mac I have no time to listen to your bullshit Saul. You’re like herpes ya dig, you just keep coming back no matter what, if you will . But I’m on my way out the door so fuck you sincerely. Mac hangs up.


Mac dismisses everything Saul said, nothing Or no one is going to stop him from Kicking Shepard’s hide with everything he’s got, and regains his focus and confidence. It’s fighting season, and the wild wolf is hunting down his prey.


Iceman grabs bag and gets in his car, instead of his Harley, which he just some wax on wax off the day before. The call from Saul long forgotten, his focus is sharp, he’s on the hunt and is closing in on his prey.

The Iceman has spoken. Dig It!
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