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Ice Cold Casting Call

Nate Mac

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The Iceman Nate Mac is at a small building that Stephanie, the casting agent, gave him directions for a movie role. Mac is focused on the lines he is supposed to read, practicing to himself quietly.


His phone on silent, it vibrates in his pocket, sees “Unknown Caller”, figuring it’s Saul Goodman, sent the call to voicemail. Call we did not leave a message so it isn’t important enough. A woman in business attire calls out Mac’s name.


Nate Mac Yeah, that’s me.


Agent Please follow me in and have a seat. Then start when ready.


Mac follows her in, looks around the office and sees three people sitting behind a table and a black couch, he raises one eye brow looking at the couch.


Mac Uh, what kind of movie is this again? Cause that’s a porno couch If I ever saw one.


Panel Member Rest assured, Mr. uh Mac? This is not a pornography, this is a real film.


Mac I mean that’s cool but if it was a porno I’m not ruling it out, it just depends on the type of action I’m cool with. But anyway, I guess I’ll do my lines now.


Panel member Whenever you’re ready.


Mac reads his lines and acts them out, all panel members sit quietly until he is done.


Panel Member Thank you. We’ll be in touch if we choose to go In your direction.


Mac That’s it? That Stephanie lady said I had the part.


Panel member Thank you again, you may be excised now.


Nate Mac Excused!? Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to? I’ll break your pencil neck and shove it up her ass! Waste of my Mutha Fuckin time.


Mac leaves very angry, and ready to Dish our some punishment, so he heads to the OCW Combat Center to see if anyone wants to knuckle up, if not that heavy bag is getting all the fury inside growing more by the minute.

The Iceman has spoken. Dig It!
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