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Enter The Prodigy


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Nathanial is sitting inside the OCW Combat Center locker room, still getting gear on as he begins speaking to the camera, not even looking at it


Nathanial: Y’know, i appreciate this opportunity, this platform OCW is giving me. They don’t just let anyone in, and those who do become better than they’ve ever been. I’ve been tag team and world champions in all of these tiny little promotions, wrestling out of high school gyms and warehouses where your feet almost touch the roof if a man attempts a suplex. But this is a new start.


Anderson begins strapping on his pads and knee brace, glacing at the camera every now and again as he grabs his various pieces of gear


Nathanial: And I understand my past achievements won’t get me shite, so I’ll make sure to leave my mark WHENEVER I can. If that starts with finding someone backstage who can help me along, I’ll take it, but I want to shoot through the rankings like a Spitfire, and I’ll be damned if anyone gets in my way.


He finishes getting his pads on and tightening his knee brace, finally looking the camera down the lens


Nathanial: I am a prodigy. I am THE Prodigy. My name is Nathanial Anderson. And I’m not here to do anything except fight, because THAT is what I excel at.


Scene fades to black

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