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Gabriel's Wrath

Dead Cat

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A sunny blue sky with bright white moving clouds appears on screen, a voice starts to speak


Gabriel: Heaven is far more darker place than humanity publicises it. While the white clouds and the pearly gates are true, the peace is not. The reality is heaven is a jealous place, where rules are strict and the Angels bend backwards for it's inhabitants every whim.


Views of biblical and theatrical representations of the angel Gabriel are shown on screen


Gabriel: It hardly matters though, for I am not there but here, facing the disease that is humanity and finding myself relegated to being one of your kind.


A statue of the angel gabriel in a chapel shows upon screen the camera zooms into its face, it then transitions to the real Gabriel's face


Gabriel: I am Gabriel, God's 2nd Fallen Angel. While Hell felt Lucifer's wrath, Earth will feel mine starting with OCW


Gabriel stares into the camera as it fades out

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