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"Matteo is a lot of things. Forgiving, is NOT one of them" [R2G Post match RP]

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A few minutes have passed since the grueling fight against Nate Mac. The Last Blacksmith, or simply Matteo, is in his dressing room, his body aching from the blows he suffered during the match with Ice Mac. He is sitting, exhausted, in front of the mirror. , as he looks at his reflection with a look mixed with fatigue and anger.


TLB: Look, what you forced me to come up with.


TLB: All my anger, my will, my energy.


TLB: All this I had to release to defeat you for good.


TLB: You entered my head. You made me believe you were just one of many. That I was like everything else.


TLB: You hit me deeply. Made believe i'm a weak. A worm to crush. And I almost did believe it.


TLB: I've met many rivals. It's a life I've been fighting. But no enemy knocked me down like you did. Bringing me close to surrender.


TLB: But I didn't.


TLB: After so many days spent in the dark, that became my friend, a light has emerged at the end of the tunnel. I got up, and I proved that ...


Blacksmith gets up from his chair, albeit with difficulty, and approaches the mirror.




TLB: I did not let you convince me that you were superior to me, I did not accept, like the others, to submit and be annulled by you.


TLB: Because you are not...


TLB: I'm full of scars now, which will never go away. But these scars will remind me of the days I spent, and how I emerged from the darkness to come back stronger than before.


TLB: I'm not a kid anymore. And you are not the untouchable that I thought.


Blacksmith is now resting. Then says again...


TLB: Nate Nate... That's why you lost at the start..


TLB: You wanted to conquer my mind. But the truth is that you have been anticipated. And the barriers are now too high for anyone, even you.


TLB: Nobody, by now, will be able to do it anymore.


Meanwhile, the replica of the match between the Italian and the iceman is on the air, and a voice breaks Blacksmith's monologue: "Matteo is a lot of things, forgiving is not one of them"


Matteo smiles...


TLB: Bet on it...

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