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Ice Cold warning.

Nate Mac

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The Iceman Nate Mac is sitting in front of a camera in a darkened room. What can only be described as a psychotic stare with a grin form across his face; the animated Iceman is sitting still, just staring into The Camera.


Nate Mac oh Matteo Matteo, you still didn’t learn. Our time and bodies WILL cross paths and we will reignite the flames and take Another journey to Hell and back. You escaped me this time, I was t ready to end it just yet. I wanted to hurt you more, break you more, freeze you in your moment of failure. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to finish, caught me with your horse kicks and stomp. I wanted to hurt you more, break you more, extinguish your flames, dig it. I want your soul to face an authentic Ice Cold Execution, ooh yeah and there’s no getting up after that!


Mac breathing erratically and his animated fingers still twitching in air. Mac’s gaze into the camera Becomes more sinister and Contorting his mouth and lips producing a wolf like giant and terrible smile form.


Nate Mac Anyway, lighten up. Dig it? Haha oh I really humor myself. TodayMy body is Still bruised, beaten and burned, oh yeah, but you won’t see me on any show wrapping a single wound. Whoever is in the ring with me on Riot, I don’t give a fuck who, someone will pay. If I see you Ponyboy, don’t expect me to pass by peacefully or quietly, I don’t think I can keep the wild wolf from comin out. Mac winks into the camera.


Mac Staring still staring menacingly Towards the camera. So, Azaziel, Gabriel, Beelzebub, whoever whatever The fuck your name is. You drew the wrong straw Dig it, I will bring the wrath of God upon you like you’ve never felt. Bring your best to the ring and attempt to do your worst. Just remember, when that bell rings and the call of the wild is answered, I can promise you nothing but pain, unequivocally and unbeknownst to you or your little meat suit. The Iceman Cometh little fallen angel, you should run since you can’t fly away anymore! Ooooooh Yeaaaah, you better dig That!


The camera fades with Mac still menacingly staring with a terrible sadistic smile across his face, which suddenly looks like a wolfs snarl and sharpened teeth And saliva dripping from his lips.

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The Iceman has spoken. Dig It!
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