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A Far Greater Mistake

Dead Cat

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Gabriel is standing in front of a strange blue background. He starts to speak


Gabriel: Iceman you have made a mistake far greater than you believe you have! You have no clue what you have started, you'll realise this soon enough..... But, you have been granted a grace period due to my other affairs, very.. important.. affairs. So your destruction will have to wait Iceman, for these more important affairs require my full intention while you require a inkling of it. So be weary Iceman for you have not seen the last of Gabriel


Gabriel raises both his arms outwards and looks upwards. He holds this pose for a rather odd amount of time, when suddenly he stops. He says to himself


Gabriel: Alright that should do it


Oddly enough he says this in a completely different accent. He starts to tie up his hair, the camera then zooms out to reveal that he's in nothing but his underwear. It also reveals that the blue background is in fact just a curtain, not only that but he's in a hospital room! Gabriel limps off camera clutching his ribs. The video suddenly cuts to black

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