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::SPOILER:: Trumoil 264 Post Show


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Footage plays from Trumoil 264, we see Spider watching the monumental Tag Match from Gorilla Position.


Suddenly Security rushes in grabbing Spider and ushering him out of Gorilla and off camera


The camera fades into Ryu Matsumoto’s home office. Ryu is sitting at his desk, a stern look on his face.


RYU[/b]: Jaysin Sensation doesn’t understand. He talks about his Legends and bigs them up. He thinks that suspending me will change the reality that’s just now setting in.


RYU: When his so called legends get hit by Quartz they feel that power, they feel that weight, and as great as they are or were, they crumple.


RYU: Quartz is a different type of animal. We’ve seen it all this season, Nate Ortiz has run roughshod on the roster.


RYU: But EVERY.SINGLE.TIME he comes face to face with the New Storm it ends the same exact way.


RYU: Jaysin, some of these people are calling me Mystic Matsumoto. They think I’m just picking names out of a hat and they suddenly become great.


RYU: But that's not what I do, I don’t predict anything, I don’t guess at anything. I see the greatness in every single person I’ve worked with and I find a way to help them realize that greatness.


RYU: And Quartz is the greatest of them all. Wrestlution is coming Jaysin, and when the greatest of the greats in Jaysin Sensation’s world comes face to face with the New Storm, it's going to end the same way it's ended every time it’s happened.


RYU: Quartz is going to tear OCW’s Heart out at Lution, and its Soul will belong to the Trash Spider, Ryu Matsumoto.

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