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I Have Arrived - Anarchist MD

Anarchist MD

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A figure sits alone in a dimly lit room, with rain trickling outside catching on the walls. He lowers his hood to reveal himself.


Anarchist MD: So, I have finally arrived here in OCW. Have to say, it's about bloody time I got here. You have no idea how boring it gets just beating up the same old schmucks in the same dirty alleyways for a few years. Here, I can finally see what all the talk is about.


MD stands stands up and starts to wrap some wrist tape around his bloody and bruised knuckles.


Anarchist MD: I've fought a fair amount of people in my day, but from what I've heard, this is where the big boys play. If that's the case, you can bet your ass that I was inevitably going to show up. I've been dying for an opportunity like this for quite some time, and now it has finally arrived.


He finishes wrapping up his fists and then walks to the door.


Anarchist MD: From what I've heard, I'm facing this guy on a show called Turmoil. I believe his name was... Jerome Hamilton. Now to whoever this Jerome is, please rest assured that just because I'm a rookie doesn't mean I'm going to be another simple step on the highway that is your career. I'm going to act as a roadblock, and believe me, I'm not letting you past anytime soon. What I want from you is a fight and what I mean by that is this. I want you to fight like it's your last day on Earth. I want you to fight like your life depends on it. I want you to fight with everything you have! Why?


MD opens the door and walks through it, putting his hood back up.


Anarchist MD: Because if you don't, I'm afraid that you'll simply won't survive my dear Jerome.



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