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The Shoguns Chambers Part I

Tre Golden

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The scene opens to an outside shot of The throne Room, a sleazy Harlem strip club owned and operated by the Shogun of Harlem Tre Golden



The camera makes its way through the showroom where many patreon can be seen spending their hard earned money. Candy, the forever loyal bartender, can be seen running her bar like a well oiled machine as usual.



The camera continues until it rests on the door leading to the chambers of the Shogun. Inside Tre Golden rests on his throne, surrounded by smoke exiting from his nostrils. His magnificent Fro glistening.



Tre is watching the last of Colin Locke’s segment on turmoil. He smiles as he raises his blunt to his mouth and takes a drag.



Golden: This boy has no idea what's coming for him.



Golden laughs as he exhales. Quartz segment with Ryu Matsumoto appears on screen, Tre sneers and takes another drag blowing the smoke onto the video screen.



Golden: All those people he's beat, Jehst was broken in half, shaved as smooth as a baby's behind.



Golden: Cort has a permanent dent in his Ribs. Let's not even mention the French weasel.



Golden: AC Cobra? The man I pinned in six minutes after already crushing the spider standing next to him.



Golden: The one time Quartz had been in the ring with me….. I pinned him..



Golden: History will repeat itself, I'll wait on you homie… and Ortiz has had it coming for the longest. I'll keep my eye on that match… I'll bide my time.



Tre takes another hit from his blunt exhaling with a smile. His moment of reflection is quickly interrupted by Candy suddenly entering into his office.



Golden: you not to disturb me in my chambers.



Candy: You mean your office… don't be weird.



Tre shoots her a look that Candy chooses to ignore.



Candy: some weirdo is out here making a ruckus… says he'll break your door down if you don't see him.



A thoughtful expression makes its way across Tre’s face. Obviously intrigued who would have the courage to enter into the Throne room and make demands.



Golden: Very Well, send them in.



Continued in part II

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