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The Shogun's Chambers Part II

Tre Golden

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We return to the chambers of The Shogun of Harlem Tre Golden. Candy, the loyal barkeep of Tre’s Gentlemen Club, alerted Tre of a visitor. He invited the man inside.



The man who enters into the Throne room is none other than, the former International Champion, Danny Watts.



Tre Golden immediately stands up as Danny Watts walks up intensely to Golden as they stare down face to face.



Watts: I’m gonna make this short and sweet you punk. I want you to meet me in the ring. It doesn't matter when and doesn’t matter where but I want you inside that damn ring. No one is going to disrespect me, I may be young, but I’ll be damned if someone is going to attack me backstage and then get away with it.



Golden: This wasn't a smart idea kid, thought Rusty and Old man Nate would've taught you better.



Tre smirks at young Watts. He waves his hand dismissing him out of his chambers.



Golden: Get out of here before your dumbass gets jumped.



Watts gets closer to Golden but Golden whistles and multiple unpatched members of the wolves of Vanguard enter.


One of the wolves grabs Watts by the shoulder but Watts turns around immediately and elbows him, knocking him down.



Quickly, multiple wolves grab Watts’ arms and hold him.



Golden: Damn! You fucked my boy up.



The man who got elbowed stands up, he's a little shaky on his feet and is bleeding profusely out of his nose.



Golden: Get used to it homie, if you want you patch you take your lickings like a man.



Tre walks over to his desk and grabs a few tissues and hands it to the bleeding man.



Golden: Just like baby boy Watts over here. See he thinks I attacked him for some personal reason. Nah homie, just business.



Golden: You could've had your chance to get me in the ring, but you didn't handle your business. You lost your belt and now our business dealings are done... As much as I would love to put you in the hospital again, I have bigger things to attend to.

The reality star is next on my hit list.



Golden: Now if you want to stay, be a decent human being, you can have a drink and a dance on the house. We got this new girl named Clarissa, she's a Marisa look alike, really popular…



Watts lunges forward at Tre trying to attack him in any way possible, but he's restrained well by the men holding him.



Golden: Guess not then, Men…. show Mr. Watts the door.



Watts (while being restrained): This isn’t the end Golden, not by a long shot, see you at OCW you bitch!



Golden (laughing): You can see Deez bitch!



Golden grabs at his groin as Watts struggles against multiple bouncers who escort him out of the premises knocking a few down in the process.



Tre gives the thought of Danny one last time before turning to Candy, who stood quietly through the whole ordeal texting on her phone.



Golden: Candy, from now on I only see people by appointment.



Candy: I'm not your damn secretary.



Candy makes her way out of the room, pausing to send one more text before she's neck deep dealing with intoxicated patrons.



Golden: Note to self, hire a secretary.



Tre walks over to his liquor cabinet and pours himself a stiff glass of Henny, and relights his blunt and continues watching OCW recaps as the scene fades to black.

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