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Ice Cold Retreat

Nate Mac

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At the OCW Combat Center “The Iceman” Nate Mac is just finishing up his workout when the phone rings and he automatically answers the call with his headphones on.


Nate Mac winded Ello? What? Wait a minute sweet thang, slow down. Keep calm, tell me again, but slower. You ok? Breathe baby breathe. Now, go on.


Nate Mac’s face contorts in several gestures ranging from irritation to pursing his lips into anger Ok. Here’s what I want you to do. Are you listening? Ok, go to the Club, order a “Dirty Mummy“; Candy Will side eye you but send you a shot, drink that shot but be careful, the key to my office will be in the bottom of the glass.


Nate Mac I know you’re afraid to swallow it babe, that’s why I told you it’s in there honey bottoms. I wouldn’t let you choke on it, Candy will be waiting just in case to give you the Heimlich maneuver if necessary. But take that key, go to my office in the corner, no it’s not as nice as the throne room but it’s cozy send relaxing. I’ve got a bar in there and a TV and the WiFi automatically connects you to a private server. Just hang out and I’ll be there soon, I’m leaving the combat center now. I’ll shower after I get there. Yes baby cakes, there’s a nice shower you can take one if you want. I have a robe in there for you.


Nate Mac . Ok sweet thang, I’ll be there shortly. Mac looking around Yes of Course I love my little juicy honey pot, and imma go all Winnie the Poo on that pot when I get there. Mac rolling his eyes. Smootchies. Ok. Ok. Ok. Alright. Bye now.


Mac hangs up and tears out of the Parking lot headed to the Clubhouse, his knuckles are white as he grips the steering wheel thinking back on the phone call. That wild and maniacal look forms on his face as he speeds and weaves in and out through traffic.

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The Iceman has spoken. Dig It!
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