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Icy Reaction

Nate Mac

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“The Iceman” Nate Mac is sitting at his office desk at the clubhouse, sipping on a icy beer mug; the woman from the phone call has left and Mac smiles then his angry and wild face appears remembering all the things she told him, he is red hot, but this is going to take time and precise planning. His mind wondering on all the possibilities.


His office phone buzzes and Candy informs him he has a caller on the line, Mac tells her to Send it to voicemail. Candy informs him it is a female who says it’s important, Mac tells her to send it to him.


Nate Mac Hello? Hey sweet thang, was just thinking about you. You feeling better? Good, you know I’ll take care of you. I just need you to hold on, I’m formulating a plan to get you out of there. I just need a little more time and planning sugar bottom. No, I can not just escalate this like normal. But don’t you worry babydoll, Big Mac Daddy has it under control, so don’t stress, dig it baby?


Mac No. I cannot leave right now. I’ll meet you at 4 like planned, I just got a lot to catch up on and get in place so I don’t have to worry about the club until after Lution, like we talked about My little honey pot. Ok. I’ll get back to work so I can see you in a few hours. Ok, I’ll talked to you later, smootchies, love you too.


Mac hangs up, stares at the phone for a second or two then kicks the chair back and lets put a loud FUCk!! Well, add that motherfucker to the list! Candy!! Get in here!!


Candy reluctantly opens the door Yes?


Mac I need you to go pick her up. Bring her my hoodie, take her to my place, and I’ll be there at 4.


Candy Can’t one of the pledges do it I’m swimming in customers right now.


Mac Candy. This is for real. I trust you 100, they still gotta earn it and this requires someone I can trust and someone who can do it incognito, none of those fools can do it. She won’t get in the car with any of them anyway.


Candy Sure thing, is she in trouble? Anything Else I can do? And what about my tips?


Mac. No. Thank you Candy. Just go get her. You’re the best. I got the Bar, go on. Don’t worry about tips, everything will stil go to you, it’s your shift, your customers, I’m just filling in. Tips are all yours my dear.


Candy Scoffs Ugh, you don’t get to call me that anymore, or don’t you remember?


Mac laughing Ooh yeah. Haha sorry Candy. Still love you now come get these big ol bear hugs and kisses!!


Candy Eww! Gross, I’ll pass. I gotta pick up your dirty laundry.


Mac. Haha! Thank you Candy. Oh, do not clock out!


Candy leaves the office Mac takes a couple deep breaths, pulls out his flask and takes a giant sized swig emptying the flask Good thing I’m going right to the Bar.

The Iceman has spoken. Dig It!
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