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Ice Cold Turmoil

Nate Mac

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“The Iceman” Nate Mac is on his way to the Arena for tonight’s Turmoil, his left arm is on the window, with his hand on the wheel. In his right hand he’s holding his Burner phone in his lap, with his speaker phone on, and appears to be in a distressful call.


He’s driving fast swerving through traffic and driving aggressively. His radio is turned down so he can hear, we get a camera and audio leak in as well here The Iceman’s tone changing to a more loud and forceful infliction.


Nate Mac. I’m almost there, just do it! Look Freddy, you little punk, if you want to earn that patch you better do what I fucking tell you to do, without question! I swear to God I want to ring your little pencil neck! You better find the car and follow her like I said! No excuses, I demand results! Dig it.




Mac hangs up as he pulls into the arena. He quickly heads to the Locker room he and. Tre share. Tonight, someone is gonna get hurt; The Iceman Cometh...

The Iceman has spoken. Dig It!
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