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Ice Cold Morning after Turmoil

Nate Mac

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The IceMan Nate Mac is in bed, slowly coming around, waking up a little later than usual after sleeping the pains of the effects from the backstage parking lot brawl with Cort and Rust. Cort May have stood tall that day, but there is no quit in the Iceman, and he has demonstrated nothing but that resolve has repeatedly been tested in OCW.


The mystery woman from the previous night is gone; Mac with his eyes still closed feels the emptiness in his bed and reaches over to feel for her, but his fingers land on a piece of torn notebook paper, and Mac opens his eyes and wipes the sleep away to read the note left on her place.


Mac Reads the note. “Good morning my sweetface, I had to leave. I am so sorry I know you wanted to go to the lake today, but I got a text from him and I had to leave to avoid suspicion. Text me when you wake up baby. Love you” and signed at the bottom with drawn hearts and xoxo written Sporadically on the page.


Mac side grins and puts the paper in his nightstand drawer then looks for his phone. He finds it in the bathroom, she obviously went through his phone, he laughs that she was so sloppy. But he understands. Trust must be earned and she felt the need to check if he’s hiding anything, but of course found nothing.


Mac picks up his phone and goes back to sit on his bed. He doesn’t feel like doin much today, he reaches with his right hand under his pillow and pulls out his flask, opens it, and empties the remnants inside which isn’t much, so he tosses it onto the nightstand and goes to the mini bar he has and grabs another flask, he has a total of twelve flasks on standby, each different from the other. He grabs the first one which is a Vangaurd wolf Flask, one of his personal favorites.


Mac Well, Well, Hey there good lookin...


He opens the flask and takes a big swig. He grabs his pain meds tosses them in his mouth crunches down and chews them up and takes another big swig to wash them down. Mac grabs his phone and sees he has 13 missed calls from an unknown number and a text from the mystery lady repeating what the note said, he texts back a “good morning beautiful” and checks his voicemail. Saul Freeman left 13 messages, none of which Nate Mac returns. He’s had enough of Saul and is going to have to either take legal recourse for harassment or the good old fashion ass kicking, and this time a real good one. One that will put an end to his stalking and obsession, which has carried on for over a year now.


Mac gets up and hops in the shower. No time to waste, it’s gym time, it’s fight time, it’s Lution time! The Iceman flips the switch in his head that goes to From zero to 10000 in 1.2 seconds, heads out the door and heads to the Combat Center to throw some rookies and Roster hopefuls around. Gotta get his speed up, work on his cardio and stamina, this will be the main focus this week, increasing his stamina. He has a hardcore routine in place and is spending time on aerial assaults. Something he hasn’t done much of in years, and even though he’s done a mass bulk buildup, he’s also been doing standing Box jumps To increase his vertical attacks, running the ropes again practicing his timing for the old arsenal, it’s time to show the world who the Iceman is. No more messing around.

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