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Dane Xavier

The Dane Xavier

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HOMETOWN: Havana, Cuba

HEIGHT: 6'7"

WEIGHT: 307 lbs.

THEME SONG: Diamonds From Sierra Leone by Kanye West



Shoulder Breaker of the Gods (Powerbomb Shoulder Breaker)

Tiger's Blood (Release Tiger Bomb)



Diamond in the Rough (Shouten)

Custom Made Boot (Brogue Kick 1)



Debonair Diamond Ring (Brass Knuckles Payback)

Diamond Necklace (Triangle Hold)

Diamond Bracelet (Danielson Special)

$tamp of Approval (World's Strongest Slam 2)

Pressure Point (Vise Grip 1)

CHEST SLAM! (Leg Caught Spinebuster)

Double Jeopardy (Backbreaker Gutbuster)


NOTABLE FUEDS: Smythe D. Wonder, Chris Baxter, Jacob Trance, Mr. Sensation, Parker Stevens, Trevor McManus, Vincent Valmont


NOTABLE ALLIES: Dennis Dillinger, Jasmine (Valet), RD Money, El Parca, Christian Carcia



-1x OCW Champion

-1x OCW North American Champion


-10x World Champion (combined)

-2021 Summer Classic Tournament Champion (ROC)

-3x Tag Team Champion

-1x U.S. Champion

-1x National Champion

-2x Hardcore Champion

-1x Pointless Midcard Title Champion

-Back to back 2015-2016 Forbes Entrepreneur of the Year

-2001 Mr. Olympia



Chris Mania

Justin Lee (ROC)

Michael Morrison


Facts about Dane Xavier:

-Owns 12% of all of the earth's gold.

-Once used his chin as the jaws of life to save a baby from a burning car.

-His hair has been declared medicinal in 13 countries.

-Takes three showers a day.

-Was born with diamond stud earrings.

-Has a net worth greater than the U.S. debt deficit.

-Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2016.

-9 out of 10 dentists agree that Dane has the whitest teeth known to man.

-Once skinned the devil and made him bend the knee.

-Once had match of the night when Nate Ortiz was also on the card.







Dane Xavier competed in several Mr. Olympia body building events from 1999 to 2004 where he won Mr. Olympia 2001. He was excommunicated from the organization after breaking the arm of one of the judges for disqualifying him for having a back tattoo, a controversial decision since the rule hadn't been recognized in several years.




Dane Xavier made his professional wrestling debut on November 12th, 2005.


Lead the nWo faction and would become a world champion, tag team champion and hardcore champion. Also began his friendship and rivalry with Smythe D. Wonder here.




Debuted in 2007 teaming with Smythe D. Wonder in losing fashion against Nick Kage and Versus. Went on to collect his very first victory against Smythe D. Wonder the next week.


Dane went on to fall to other legends such as Adrian Bold and Guy Fausto, who took 7 chinlocks on Dane's gigantic chin to make him submit.


Dane would be cut from the roster soon thereafter, the company felt that he wasn't ready for OCW television.




Dual holder of world and U.S. titles.


DXW Career:


Dane Xavier would start his own wrestling promotion called Dane Xavier Wrestling. He would go on to be the company's first world champion, going against his promise to the roster and employees who all walked out on him. Dane would shut DXW down after 6 months.*





Dane would return to the company in late 2008 and go on a career run in OCW, gaining attention from the OCW Galaxy with his rivalry with Chris Baxter, capturing the North American Championship in 2010, and competing for the OCW Championship at Wrestlution 6.



The peak of Dane Xavier's OCW career came in 2011, seeing Dane go on an incredible winning streak, defeating the likes of Tiberius Dupree, Matsuda, Parker Stevens, Lucas Dimsmore and Leonheart, and on to capture the OCW Championship from Trevor McManus... technically.



At Summercide 2011 Dane Xavier faced Trevor McManus in a ladder match for the OCW Championship. Dane Xavier scraped his way up the ladder after getting his ass kicked for 20 minutes, unhooking the title only to have it taken away in controversial fashion.



Mr. Sensation would later on acknowledge Dane Xavier as the OCW Champion but would only let him have it if he could retain it in a championship scramble match, which Dane would go on to lose.*


Mr. Sensation put a stipulation on Dane Xavier that if he continues to use his hair restoration product that he would be fired from OCW. Dane's hairline would begin to recede and he would go on to lose all of his endorsements that were keeping him afloat financially. He went broke and eventually was taken out by Vincent Valmont.


The entire wrestling world thought that Dane Xavier's career was over when Valmont's attack on him was so violent that he broke Dane's back and put him in a coma after running him over with his own luxury vehicle. Dane, whose strong body healed sooner than the doctors anticipated, would eventually wake from his coma and return to OCW, facing Vincent Valmont in Hell in a Cell at Wrestlution 7.



Dane Xavier would go on to lose to Tyro Kraven in his final match in OCW at Consequences 2012.


The Wrestling Show/Shut Up & Fight:


After leaving OCW, Dane would once again try his hand at running a wrestling promotion. He would start it off with a huge charity event for US troops called Shut Up & Fight. The Wrestling Show aired for two months and shut down after Dane Xavier failed to secure a PPV deal.




Dane's hair would go on to be revitalized and so would his career in late 2012. He won two world championships as well as a hardcore championship. He also competed against former OCW Wrestlers Jonny D and Wheeler during this run in ROC.




When ROC temporarily closed it's doors in late 2014 due to a shitty platform, Dane Xavier helped start a prison colony for undesirables. Being an undesirable himself at the time, Dane would go on to win 3 world titles at the purgatory, as well as some pointless mid-card title and a tag team title with his faction called The Trust ("The Trust" is copyright owned by Dane Xavier and not the prison colony) When Dane Xavier and the owner of the prison colony had a falling out, Dane Xavier resigned from his position at the company and severed ties.


Dane Xavier was heralded as Forbes 2015 and 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year for his efforts with the prison colony. He was also nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2016, citing that the only reason he lost was because of politics.




In early 2019, Dane Xavier would return to ROC where he would go on to collect another world championship and have incredible rivalries with ROC greats and establishing one of the best tag teams in ROC history. Dane Xavier has also competed in ROC's Japan branch known as IGP where he captured their tag team championship.




In June of 2021, Diamond vignettes would be played on Turmoil and Riot. At Wrestlution 15, Dane Xavier made his shocking return to OCW, knocking out Cort Marshall with his diamond ring and joining up with Dillinger Enterprises.




Dane's return was once again short lived (shocking, I know), having a memorable feud with Cort Marshall before cutting ties with Dillinger Enterprises, thus voiding his OCW contract.


*= indicates a match where either Dane Xavier's handler wasn't present or the match was a simulation.

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