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Ice Cold wake up

Nate Mac

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The IceMan Nate Mac is starting to come around in the late afternoon from the previous night’s mass consumption of Whiskey and pain meds, he opens his eyes and reaches for something to drink, finding the bottle of Honey Jack, but decides against it. Instead, he slowly sits up, hangover and body pains from the Pride Championship March and the attack after by TLBS and Mantis.


Mac wants immediate payback and is thinking of how to single him out and keep Matteo from protecting him. He’s gonna give people what they want. A red Mantis, blood red. Mac’s anger starting to rise and fueling his body to get up and go. It’s two weeks until the next show, Mac is finishing up his mass bulk building routine. Two weeks, more heavy and hard hitting training and work out routines.


With his anger turning to rage he jumps up out of bed and hits the shower. It’s gym time, and a special appointment later tonight. Still gotta hook up with Tre and Derek as well, make moves quickly, not wasting any time. Get busy livin or get busy dying, everyone has that opportunity, but Mac won’t let his pass by. It’s a New Day for the Wolves and Major plans are Forming, the take over begins today.


Mac checks his phone sees numerous texts from the unknown woman. Mac responds with a few quick exchanges then puts his phone in his pocket and heads to the OCW Combat Center. If Mantis is there... or Matteo, he can’t guarantee he won’t react today, and leave the planning behind. In a way, he hopes they are there, so vindication is reached today. He starts his car and takes off, with so much traffic in his head, he grips the steering wheel, White knuckled, and on his way to get busy

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