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A Stitch in the Fabric of Time

The Dane Xavier

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One brisk autumn day in 1986, a lively carnival is taking place in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. A young boy is trotting around the carnival, looking around for the best prize when he finally spots it: A gigantic stuffed tiger with a gold chain at the bottle stand.


He runs over to the bottle stand, admiring the gorgeous tiger on the wall, detailed with realistic whiskers and an authentic looking striped fur. The boy pulls a ticket out of his pocket and hands it to the carny. The carny hands him three balls and the boy, being a southpaw, winds up and fires the ball at the first stack of bottles, knocking them out clean.


The boy takes the second ball in his hand, squints at the bottles and hurls the ball, clearing the second stack of bottles. The boy smiles, anticipating his victory. He takes the third ball, looking at it nervously. After a moment he looks up the bottles. He musters up the confidence to throw the final ball and it knocks down all but one of the bottles.


The boy's smile goes away and the carny pulls down a nice sized stuffed shark from the wall that's quite impressive looking. He hands the toy shark to the boy who takes it in his hands. The carny turns around to restack the bottles and the boy looks at the toy shark with a dissatisfied expression on his face.


Boy: Hey mister, I wanted the tiger.


Carny: Sorry kid, you didn't knock down all the bottles.


The boy at this point has become angry as he looks at this toy shark. He punches it repeatedly in the face five times before throwing the toy shark on the ground. The boy then gets up on the counter of the bottle stand and looks around, the carny oblivious to his actions. The carny reaches back to scratch his back and the boy grabs his arm and cranks it in a hammerlock position. The carny lets out a yelp in pain.


Boy: I said I wanted the tiger!


The carny reaches up, his hand shaking, and takes the tiger off the wall. Just then, a car horn can be heard honking lightly two times. The boy turns his head to look in the direction of the honk. He releases the hammerlock and grabs the toy tiger. The boy then jumps down off the counter, running to a black limo and getting in the open back door.


The door closes and the limo drives off. The camera pans to show the license plate as the vehicle retreats away, the plate reading "XAVIER".


Meanwhile back in the carnival, a young Hispanic looking bald man in a suit is seen flanked by an unusually gigantic clown. The man in the suit stops, bends over and picks up the toy shark. He looks at it curiously and then at the limo leaving in the distance. The scene fades.

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