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Tiberius Dupree (2010-2016)

Tiberius Dupree

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WRESTLER NAME: Tiberius Octavian Dupree


HOMETOWN: Calgary, Alberta, Canada




WEIGHT: 238 lbs.


THEME SONG: "The Fire" by The Roots, "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark" by Fallout Boys, "Princes of The Universe" by Queen




3 Clicks to Calgary - 2 small elbow drops & 1 big elbow drop


BackFire - Backstabber


Duplexity - Running Christo


Rolling Embers - Rolling Thunder Senton


Kerplowski Drop (Welcome to Calgary Motherf*cker) - Double Underhook Backbreaker




Dragon Shout - Book End


Dragon Slayer - Liontamer/Walls of Jericho


Trainer(s): Simon Pierre, Skip Kerplowski


Factions/Stables: OMG (B.O.L.D) & Savage Era *Ambition 5 & The Hoots


Nicknames: The Canadian Dragon, Your Girls Favorite Wrestler, Tibby, The Fire, El Fuego, The Betterness, The Ultimate Submissionist, The Mustard King, The Galactic Galavanter, The Bitterness, Tibbles, The Eater of Lunches, and many more to come...


Notable Fueds:



vs. Dimsmore (2010-2011)

vs. LOTUS (2010-2011)

vs. Matsuda (2010-2011)



vs. Wesley Adams Poe (2011)

vs. Lucas Crowe [serpent Series] (2011)

vs. Dimsmore (2012)

vs. The Steve (2012)

vs. LOTUS (2012)

vs. Parker (2013)

vs. Pugh (2013)

vs. Nate Ortiz (2013)

vs. Tobin Frost (2013)

vs. Mugen (2014)

vs. C4 (2013-14)

vs. Matsuda (2014) [OMG Wars]

vs. Ryu Matsumoto (2016)


And Many More to Come.....




2x OCW World Heavyweight Champion

2x OCW International Champion

Best Face (2012)

Breakout Star (2012)

Feud of The Year (2012)

Best Heel (2013)

Biggest Shocker (2013)

Feud of The Year (2013)

Locker Room Leader (2013)

RP'er of The Year (2013)

And Many More To Come....





The incomparable inception of one Tiberius Octavian Dupree came forth on the 14th day of the 2nd month of the year 1983 in Calgary Alberta Canada. Fresh from the purest womb on God's green Earth, young Tiberius blessed the world with it's first breath of absolute Betterness. An energetic and athletic whippersnapper Tiberius excelled at everything adolescence had to offer, including the superior sport of Canadian football.


His undeniable charisma blossomed as a talented master of ceremony gaining him the moniker "Your Girls Favorite DJ" among the college entertainment scene while he attended Mount Royal University. Developing his highly advanced mental capacity as a student of Psychology he found his true calling in life after connecting with a colleague named Neopolean Pierre. That calling was professional wrestling.


Simon Pierre, brother of Neopolean, trainer and owner of the HTK Stronghold took Tiberius under his wing, upgrading his untapped abilities. After engaging his devotion and affection to the gorgeous Diedre Summers solidifying a union of betterness and beauty, he took a few unforgettable lessons at the infamous Kerplowski College of Wrestling. It was official young Tiberius had begun his unquestionable path to greatness.


As all heroic tales of epic proportions go, inevitable tragedy struck the heart of the Canadian Dragon. While sharing the blessing of his existence with exuberant luchadores of Mexico competing against the likes of Tigerman 3 (Hideto Matsuda), the lives of his loved ones would meet an untimely demise. The immortal Simon Pierre, his mentor was now tapping out angels in the heavens above. The only two beings in the galaxy responsible for the true creation of his Betterness, his parents were gone. Even his fiance' and the spark to his soul was vanquished in that fatal plane crash as well.


Neither unbearable grief nor demoralizing depression could bury his superbness forever. Vowing to live the dream his loved ones would be proud of, the fire was reborn a new. Recognizing his omnipotent technical prowess, the talent scouts of Online Championship Wrestling contracted him to their rookie show Ambition. On Ambition he forged backstage friendships and rivalries with Dimsmore, Patolomai, Matsuda and Illuminati.


After graduating top of Ambition's stellar rookie class, Tiberius "The Fire" Dupree officially became a member of the Riot roster. He grabbed the humble throat of success by putting on a masterpiece at Wrestlution 6 against his arch-nemesis Matsuda in his first war with LOTUS. Later that same glorious year, Tiberius captured his first championship at Summercide against Jacob Trance and rival/ally Dimsmore. While carrying the OCW International Title he avoided the fangs of paste face Lucas Crowe in the legendary seven match Serpent Series.


Not soon after the Serpent Series, Tiberius would face possibly the biggest threat to his unexposed betterness, an avenging Dimsmore. This feud would elevate an already peerless individual to his first World Championship. Losing his International Championship at Road 2 Glory 2012 to Dimsmore was a blessing in disguise. While on his road to Wrestlution 7, Tiberius Octavian Dupree, El Fuego, The Mustard King of Betterness, The Galactic Galavanter, The Savage Eater of Lunches defeated Hall of Famer Aries for the OCW World Heavyweight Championship on April 19, 2012.


Leaving Wrestlution 7 as OCW World Champion and OCW International Champion was unprecedented, legendary even. So due to circumstances beyond his control, Tiberius was stripped of his International Title on a technical folly. [in his genuine opinion, former spouses make adequate referees, especially when it's in his favor.] Nonetheless Tibby's path of excellence continued when Hall of Famer The Steve entered his orbit.


A lengthy feud with The Steve culminated with him winning a 30 Minute Sudden Death Ironman match defending his OCW World Championship at Summercide 2012. This match in particular was one of Tiberius's favorite in any time space continuum he's ever visited. But as always another glorious challenge awaited the young fuego, the return of the deplorable LOTUS.


The resurrection of LOTUS in the fall of 2012 forced Tibby to align his loyalties with Paul Pugh, Parker Stevens and Tyro Kraven to defend OCW against their deranged laws of anarchy. On the 8th Anniversary of this prestigious company, Tibby defended his World title in the first and only Elimination Chamber match in OCW History. After the makeshift 'Team OCW' had defeated LOTUS once and for all the world's scummiest scumbag Parker Stevens betrayed our beloved Dupree. The epic catastrophe predicted by the Mayans in 2012 came true when Parker took Tibby's precious World Title.


At the following year's Chill Faktor under the storm of stupidity the neanderthal Parker cast over OCW, OUR HERO, Mr. Jaysin Sensation became Tibby's shinning light of reason. A simmering hatred for ignorance and jean shorts was the catalyst to a everlasting friendship between the two. This is when the entity, the omnipotent being you now acknowledge as BETTERNESS came into existence. Now dawning a flowing mane of golden locks, and the moxy of Alexander the Great, the true Tiberius Dupree was born.


Although Tibby never defeated the scumbag in one on one competition, along with Roofus Ruckingston the THOID the monumental battle with Parker elevated him to a whole new level of popularity. As the wheels of OCW turned, Ambition was revived featuring a new rookie class. In the tradition of the show that became a revolution on it's 50th episode, Tibby formed Overness Meets Greatness with Ambition originals Matsuda, Dimsmore and rookie Michael Hollywood.


While the shennanigans of OMG began to entertain the masses, Tibby was embroiled in a heated feud with Paul Pugh that went on and off for nearly a year, including a stellar match at Wrestlution 8. During that year he also won the OCW Championship a second time at 2013's End Games against Dimsmore, Pugh and Parker Stevens. (Breaking Parker's arm afterwards) Unfortunately tragedy struck again, Tiberius lost his OCW World Championship on the 350th episode of our flagship show Riot to Paul Pugh.


No selling his loss he moved onto literally bigger and better things. You can't get any bigger or better if he was facing himself in an alternate reality. He of course didn't have to do that this time around, he was facing someone just as awesome, one Nate "The Golden Boy" Ortiz at Summercide 2013. The Ambition Era vs. The Golden Era was the tag line for the biggest match in Dupree's career.


Did he do the unthinkable, the unimaginable, did he beat Nate Ortiz? Of course he did silly, he is The Betterness after all. There were no doubts about it, no questions asked, the Ambition Era was solidified in the history books forever. So following his short feud with Nate he got involved in a heated program with his protege' Tobin Frost who has become his unfortunate Achilles heel in the ring ever since.


In a change of pace he clashed with the Lord of the Lariat and C-4 forefather Mugen in one of his most entertaining feuds to date. With the formation of C-4, OMG's place as the dominant faction was challenged. Although the only thing truly challenged was the intelligence of OMG's opposition as C-4 were toppled and required to disband. They of course suck giraffe scrotum and re branded themselves C4 and still remain losers till this day.


OMG couldn't be stopped, well not by outside forces anyway. Petty disputes between Our Betterness and Matsuda soon drew a wedge between the group. Eventually the faction split into two distinct sub groups, OMG B.O.L.D. (Betterness Over Life and Death) and OMG Twack Pack. The legendary feud was simply known as the OMG Wars. Talk about shenanigans galore! The Final Battle between the two friends and factions was another iconic match at Wrestlution 9.


That was quite possibly the last time all members of the Ambition 5 would be in a ring together. Nothing but a group hug of monumental proportions would suffice as a victory. For the first time since being signed to OCW, Tiberius took an hiatus from wrestling. Some say he returned to Calgary to coach High School football, others spotted him backpacking through Europe. Others flatly claimed he retired from wrestling.


Well as usual everyone was stupidly stupidly wrong, Dupree was traveling through worlds and dimensions not comprehended by the human mind. So when he returned for a brief stint as the Galactic Galavanter in 2014 questions about his sanity were brought into light, but what do they know about the universe right?


Anyway he cosmic essence that is his Betterness was tainted in 2015. His bestest pal, the Nacho to his Cheese, the Cheeri to his O's, Jaysin Sensation had called in for a favor. The current champion Jacob Trance needed an opponent because C4's residential failure Bobby Minio shoulders were too small to carry a pail of water. Dupree hates everything C4, he highly dislikes the face of Jacob Trance...and now he hates the Jelly to his Peanut Butter....Jaysin Sensation.


Reluctantly against his pride, he competed and from that day forth a savage rage began to build, his classic half smile began to wither and a dark fire began to burn deep inside him. For months he watched and waited for his opportunity. Plotted and schemed with Sean McGee and The Monster (Cody Storm) to usher in yet another Era in OCW. The Savage Era.


Returning at Certified Greatness 2016, Tiberius Dupree finally got his revenge on the owner of the greatest company in the world. Jaysin Sensation didn't see it coming, deep deep down in his feel feels he thought Dupree would always have his back. He stupidly stupidly thought wrong and that glorious night The Bitterness was born.


Dupree set his cross hairs on Ryu Matsumoto, his long time Ambition running mate. Better known as Illumanit or Pink Spider to some, nonetheless he had to be broken. He had to either become the star like the other 4 members of the Ambition or be erased from it's history books forever. Dupree had only one chance to "eat his lunch" before Ryu hung up his boots once and for all, Wrestlution 10. On the grandest stage on the grandest show in OCW History, Dupree took on yet another Ambition veteran in another classic bout.


Satisfied with the trueness of Ryu's Ambition Dupree wished him well on his future endeavors. Wrestlution 10 was a humbling experience for all involved, even the savage fire inside Dupree could feel accomplished and content. Currently Tiberius is aligned with 4 other former OCW World Heavyweight Champions, Sean McGee, The Monster, RD Money and Tobin Frost.


If you remember anything about Tiberius Octavian Dupree, remember this: He's not only better than you, but he's better at loving OCW than you or anyone else for that matter. He's poured every ounce of his being into this place because that's what OCW deserves. OCW deserves nothing less than Pure Betterness.



Fact: Dupree appeared on every Riot from April 12, 2011 - May 1, 2014


Fact: Dupree appeared in 5 of the most highly viewed shows and paperviews in OCW History.


Fact: If abbreviating Overness Meets Greatness, the word Betterness is silent like the "k" in knuckle sandwich.


Fact: Dupree's hair grows three times the rate of a normal specimen his size and weight.


Fact: Dupree's hair can transform in to various colors with only a placed thought.


Fact: The only person to defeat more OCW Legends than Dupree, is a man named Nate Ortiz, and he beat him too.


Fact: The only person to have more feuds than Dupree is a man named Nate Ortiz, and he feuded with him too.


Fact: Dupree defeated a woman at Summercide 2014 empowered by his cosmic nipples.


Fact: The last person the eccentric Wesley Adams Poe ever wrestled was one Tiberius Dupree.

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"You either die a hero or live long enough to become Nate Ortiz" - Drago Cesar


"Let me make myself clear: you work for me. If I tell you to fight Blaine, you fight Blaine. Hell, if I tell you to fight a lion, you WILL fight a lion and still thank me afterwards for giving you a job." - Mr. Sensation

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