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Asher and Iceman

Alex Asher

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The scene opens in the locker backstage locker room. Asher has his phone to his ear, looking as if he were in some kind of distress. His face was clearly a bit red and he was pacing back and forth.


Alex:What? What! What the hell are you even talking about? Are you serious? Don't you try and bs me. I've been through this kind of thing before Marisa. Plastic surgeon? Really? You think I'm dumb enough to…


Just as the conversation was starting to heat up, The Iceman Nate Mac walks up and stares at Asher with a slight smirk on his face. He seemed to not be able to hold back on a slight chuckle. Noticing this, Asher hung up the phone but not before telling Marisa that the conversation was not over.


Alex:What the hell? Do you think this is funny huh?


Nate Mac Oh, who, me? I was just thinking that it musta been a little um, chilly that day you were prancing through the locker room area in your little hand towel.


Mac pauses then smiles his familiar wolf like snarl forms on his face. Oh, I’m sorry, did I interrupt something important? Sounded Like some trouble in Thot paradise.


Mac reaches out and grasps Asher’s shoulder with just enough assertive force to establish dominance, and stares into Asher’s face Maybe, it’s just not worth it and you walk away. You don’t want to draw negative attention to yourself, you never know who’s watching.


Asher shrugs the Iceman’s hand off his shoulder and forcefully brushes his arm away Is that a threat!? What do you mean who’s watching? Sounds like you might know more than you’re letting on.


Nate Mac I’m just speaking with experience, I don’t know if you haven’t seen, but I’ve got some stalkers of my own out there, you just never know.


Mac looks at Asher with menace, then he looks at the watch on his wrist, then smiles and chuckles. Shit, looks like I got some place to be. Watch yourself Chilly Willy, watch yourself.


Mac turns and walks away leaving Asher standing alone, trying to process what just happened

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