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Alcol e Confusion (RP post Riot)

The Last Blacksmith

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The scene opens in a hotel room. Sitting on the ground, watching television with his back resting on the bed, there is The Last Blacksmith, holding a Whiskey beer in his right hand.



".... The condition of Mantis after the attack of Iceman Nate Mac is very serious. It is not possible to predict whether the young wrestler will be able to return to the ring. The question is legitimate. Why Blacksmith did not intervene to avoid the beating of his learner?"




Blacksmith is devastated on the ground. Obviously drunk.


The ashtray is full of butts, and his room is full of smoke...


???: There's nothing to do. It's always the same story...



A familiar figure appears before Blacksmith's eyes. Whether it's reality or imagination, it's something that now matters little to the Italian wrestler.


???: Anyone who comes close to you ends up like this.


Blacksmith takes another sip of the whiskey, to then also give a healthy puff of a cigarette.


Blacksmith: I told Mantis to not trust anyone. Not even me...


???: Matteo...


Blacksmith: Do not you dare.


Blacksmith: I have not been Matteo for you since long time.



???: Always this fucking pride. what did it bring you? This showing oneself superior. Higher than pain, weakness... feelings...


???: What did it bring to you?



???: He was alone. he couldn't trust anyone else. You convinced him that someone, currently, could have his fate at heart.


???: And you let someone else burn him





The Italian jumps up, and then falls back to the ground due to the high level of alcohol in his body


???: Look at you. You are destroyed internally. Whether you want to admit it or not..

After the previous fall, Blacksmith, with great difficulty, tries to stand up again. Almost as if to demonstrate not to give up...


Blacksmith: I hate people like you. People that come and moralize me, tryng to teach me to live. You say I'm gray inside. You say I'm a fucking selfish. But you are more than me. The only difference, I am aware of it and do not try to hide it.


Blacksmith: Right now, I can't think much. But a very easy one yes. Sunday, Iceman will pay for daring to challenge me. And what he did to Mantis will be nothing. His career must end at Summercide.


Blacksmith: And as for you, who look at me with that superior air, listen to me well.


Blacksmith:You couldn't knock me out. And you will never succeed. So vanish from my eyes, and do it quickly.


??? smiles


???: As you wish..



Suddenly, Blacksmith finds himself alone in the hotel room, falling to his knees, exhausted.


Scene fades...

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