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Ice Cold Xpensive Massage

Nate Mac

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“The Iceman” Nate Mac is laying face down with a towel wrapped around his waist and talking to the masseuse, trying to ignore the pain in his body after the Last Man Standing match with The Last Blacksmith at Summercide; it feels like he got hit by a bus but he’s been through worse so it’s just business as usual.


Iceman My whole body just feels like a giant bruise. Take it easy at first yeah babe?


Masseuse walks over and views the damage on Mac’s back oh honey, why did you let yourself go through so much? You should have stayed down after the tables baby. It feels like your body is one “giant bruise” I can see every bump you took. This isn’t good honey.


Nate Mac It was the adrenaline pumping through me, I just got more angry as the match went on, and the Wild Wolf took over. Kinda like what you did to Valk. No matter the outcome, just go in and give it everything you got, forget the pain, it will be there soon enough.


Marissa Xpensive you really shouldn’t put your body through so much, I want you to last a while baby, my poor whittle wolfy wolfy.


Mac awww don’t worry about that sweet thang, nothing can keep me down for good, everything will be just fine. I’ll get up and go again anytime.


Marissa continues rubbing Mac in silence for a few moments as Mac groans in that “hurts-so-good” tone, getting a little deeper as she goes, and the moans become more frequent and become the only sound heard. Marissa thinking, breaks the silence.


Marissa Babe, I have to ask you, I don’t want to upset you but I need to understand something.


Mac takes in a deep breath then exhales a hefty sigh. Go ahead and ask me anything babe.


Marissa, still rubbing the Iceman down What is going on with this um Saul Freeman guy?


Mac angrily replies I hate that mother f**ker.


Somewhat perplexed, Marissa focusing on the neck and shoulders of the Iceman as his moans go deeper and more elongated Ok, but can you pleAse just talk to me about him?


Mac lays in silence for a beat then sits up and looks at Marissa I’m sorry I got you in this position with that piece of trash.


Marissa carefully interjects but you know he’s just um, well not important, right? What we have is real, the wolves, OCW, that’s our real world. Not that…. Um, “Piece of trash”


Mac Don’t worry about him, I have him under control.


Marissa yeah? Then how did he manage to hire someone to spy on us?


Mac shakes his head, confused a little I… I don’t know. But at least we have some freaky pictures I can keep in my wallet, haha Mac winks at Marissa


Marissa Soo, Saul isn’t um, you or your twin brother?


Mac exclaims Twin brother? Have you even looked at him? He’s 5’6 and 230 lbs of balding lard and is a total douche bag. Not even my family is that cursed to have that foul beast as a family member. He doesn’t even have a beard babe.


Marissa unphased by the answer Ok babe, I was just checking. But aren’t you afraid that Alex, Quan and Claudio will be coming after you? Now that the wolf is out of the bag, they all know it was you attacking them.


Mac Psssht. Please, Not a single person or team can handle the Wolves especially full force. And besides, Quan and Claudio are too sloppy and distracted by glory and Alex isn’t man enough to attack me, he’s too scared of the Wild Wolf to even stand up for himself, face to face.


Marissa Ok sweetface, I’m just concerned about you. So where do you want me to rub next?


Mac smiles a sly grin can you rub right here, it feels swollen. Mac moves her hand to his crotch, and Marissa laughs as they start “fooling around”

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