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Ice cold reflections part 3

Nate Mac

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The Iceman Nate Mac, refusing to look into the broken mirror washes the blood, and picks out the shards of glass still cutting their way into his hand. Bloody footprints shroud the tile flooring mixed with broken glass and blood soaked rags.


Mac still not looking into the mirror You didn’t need to do that. Get a hold of yourself man. Get ahold of yourself. The more you do this, the worse it will get and you will lose control, that’s what he wants.


Removing the final miniature glass daggers from his hand, Mac wraps bandage tape around his bleeding appendage. That should do it.


Mac finally looks into the mirror and the reflections show his eyes scanning the mirror, without any signs of anyone staring back, he exits the bathroom and turns off the light. He walks to his flask cabinet and removes two flasks. He opens the first and takes a long swig, then two more and tosses the empty flask on the floor.


He sits on his unmade bed eyeballing the phone and twirling the cap of the second flask, he closes his eyes and stops twirling the cap. Wirh his eyes still closed he lays down again, pulls the blankets up and starts to fall back asleep, until the phone rings again.

The Iceman has spoken. Dig It!
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