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After Turmoil

Nate Mac

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Marissa Welch is driving faster than the traffic on the streets, as she weaves in and out of the lanes, shouting explicits, and making exaggerated “offensive” gestures at the other drivers. Looking at her phone, the same text “Come get me” stares back at her.


She takes the exit to the hospital and sends a text letting The Iceman know that she just hit the exit. Marissa still frantic, pulls around the hospital to the ER parking lot. As soon as she parks she grabs her phone and purse, but the door opens startling her and making Marissa scream.


Iceman smiling I love making you scream baby, let’s get out of here.


Marissa looks at him and notices a little blood dripping down his right arm, obviously from an IV needle, but without the traditional cotton ball and grip tape. Babe, did you check out? What did they say?


Iceman smiles again and tells her to go and he will tell her everything, but just go to the club. Marissa looks at him for a few seconds, scanning his face, noticing the Wild Wolf grin, so she does as he said,


They sit silently for a few moments, then Marissa asks what happened in the hospital, and Mac responds I heard everything I needed to hear. No broken bones. Maybe some disks out of place, I knew that already. So since they couldn’t tell me anything new, I left.


Marissa turns her head and with an elevated but concerned tone in her voice So wait, you didn’t check out of the hospital? You just left?


Mac shrugs and laughs wildly Yeah! Hahahahaha! Let’s just roll baby, gotta talk to Tre. Listen, I’ve got to tell you something. Someone worse than Saul is coming, and I have to stop him. I snuck these out from the pharmacy, NO QUESTIONS, I have my methods, I’ll just say Thank God for face masks in the hospital.


Marissa looks at the bottle and sees the label QUETIAPINE FUMARATE. Not being familiar with that medication she asks him what it is and what it’s for. Mac hesitates and asks her Have you noticed that sometimes, I’m not just um, myself? Marissa nods but stares forward watching the road, and Mac continues, Well, some doctors in there think I’m crazy, can you believe that!? Hahaha! Anyway, they were going to admit me to the psych ward for 72 hour observation, but I chose to leave instead, grabbed these bottles of meds, I’ve had to use them before.


Marissa stares ahead as Mac continues to explain his mental disorder, inside his mind there are a countless number of voices and personalities and sometimes they become so powerful they can possess physical form when he loses control and he won’t know when it happens, as we have seen the case with the annoying pest Saul Freeman.


Mac continues to explain to her parts of his past, and how the most scary and dangerous personality inside him has started attacking silently and unknown to him. He stopped taking the meds when he came to OCW because he had believed he buried the voices after his last episode; which, left a promising independent wrestler completely paralyzed after an Ice Cold Execution from the top of a ladder. Hence the move being permanently banned from use.


Marissa looks at Mac and reaches one arm out to caress his bearded face, and expresses her love for the Wild Wolf no matter who is inside his head, and that she will be there with him to help with his struggles. Mac opens the bottle and takes two, which will knock him out in about 45 minutes. . Happy Quentiapine Dreams.


They pull into the Club back entrance and begin to head in. Mac grabs Marissa and tell her she’s gonna have to help him tell Tre, he already knows about the past and schizophrenia but the meds will kick in and he won’t be able to think straight and will possibly pass out within the next 15-20 minutes. They enter and head to Tre’s Throne Room.

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