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Dennis Dillinger Wrestling Academy.


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Dennis Dillinger and El Parca are seen walking down the hallway of one part of Dillinger Enterprise headquarters. As the cameras zoom into the two men their following conversation can be heard.


Parca: So I was thinking with a few investments from possible outside investors so we don’t get our money involved we could be RICH. This restaurant would hit it’s mark by a longshot I’m telling you.


Dillinger: What type of restaurant we are thinking about, go on I’m listening.


Parca: Easy, Los Carnés Amigos. This city and surrounding states don’t have any good Mexican cuisine and I’m sick of it. So why not fatten up our pockets while doing none of the hard work? I’m sure a man of your stature could find those we’d need right?


Dillinger: Let me make a couple of calls.


The two men finally make their way to Dennis’s personal office as they both enter the office, they notice something is immediately off. Mainly the fact that Alastair Ross has occupied the desk.


Ross: Took you both long enough. I told that lady at the front desk to call when you were on your way up. Clearly gonna need to.. remind her to do her job right.


Parca and Dillinger both look surprised as they turn toward one another. Parca points at Dennis and he shakes his head no, Dennis points back at Parca and the same response is given.


Dillinger: Alastair! I thought our meeting wasn’t until later this week. What are you doing here this early?


Ross: Well I’m glad you asked, you see, I like bullying people and you like money. So I was doing something drinking and thinking on the flight over to New York, and something hit me. A way I can do that more, and you can make money off of it.


Ross: The Dennis Dillinger Wrestling Academy, a state of the art, best that money can buy, training facility.. with less physical requirements and background checks than the combat centre.


Dillinger: This sounds a lot like the facility you already own...


Ross: Yeah.. but you try and find a bunch of money marks who think they can make it as pro wrestlers in fucking Michigan. See we build one in the heart of New York City, we cater it to idiots with more money than brains. Charge them ridiculous prices off the name value alone, stick a clause in their contract about paying over a bit of everything they earn on their own. It practically prints money!


Ross: Just think about it. The premier destination to learn this business, with your name on the door. You already poached anyone worth a damn in that company. Might as well poach their recruits as well.


Dillinger puts his hand on his chin and smirks as the camera fades.

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