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Mason Hunter Promo


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Camera Turns On With Mason Hunter Sitting Down


He Looks Up At The Camera


Mason: “all my life I’ve been told by countless…. Even my own blood that I wasn’t going to make it in a world like pro wrestling, that I was too weak, incapable. Those words ate me up on the inside. Dug me into a deep hole of regret and self doubt. I told myself… this is it… this is where my destiny lies, but deep down I knew that this is something that Live for, a lifestyle that I have dreamt of.. this is the place where I want to be, in PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING. I decided to scratch, claw, and fight to where I want to be , and it has brought me here, in OCW. I’m here to make a statement, I’m here to become the best, to become a champion.. put it this way I’m here to WIN, and there’s not a damn soul that will tell me otherwise….. even my own parents..”

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