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Sit Rep - 12-21-2021


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Hi hi. AFTER THAT LOVELY SURVEY!!! I've decided to post more forum information then disseminate it......hehehehe disseminate to discord so that EVERYONE knows the score!


ANYWAY! After a really dope Super S Cup and subsequent banger FINAL BATTLE we once again collectively proved that we are the bees knees, the cats meow, the shizznit, dabest etc. That being said this is the new generation and we don't sit on our laurels here! No sir reeeeee bob. I mean we aren't doing shit on Xmas so there is that (Unless ppl want to hehehe) But NEXT WEEK Ambition returns with Episode #6 "New Years Bash? Smash? Dash? Cash?" Whatever El Brian is naming it! Should be about 6 matches AND THIS TIME IT WILL BE FULLY PRODUCED yea...yea?....YEAAA!!!!


In addition I did some soul searching and have opted not to start the new year with a PPV. I mean I could and I have in the past we have like 6 matches off the top of my head that could slap. However I think we are in a good place now and we don't need to rush. While some folks have for whatever reason taken there ball and fucked off we sure as shit ain't hurting in the slightest. So we can take our times and do things right. So with that said we will be officially starting Season 17 on January 7, 2022 with Riot 578.


Lastly since OCWFED 17 Year Anniversary show is looking like its going to be a huge ton of work because for the 3rd time ever we will be combining the Hall of Fame as well as the Awards Show with the PPV in one big ass package...we are gonna need some more time to hopefully get it right. Also because it's going to be axed... YES WE WILL STILL HAVE DEVILS NIGHT...ITS COMING SOOOOOOOOOON :p


SO the TLDR for Corts of the World. Dec/Jan

Dec 31 2021: Ambition #6 "New Years Something or other"

Jan 7, 2022: Riot 578 "Return of The Hoot"

Jan 14,2022: Turmoil 273 "Juiced On 22's"

Jan 21,2022: Riot 579

Jan 28,2022: Turmoil 274

Jan 29,2022: Ambition #7 "In Your Mom's House" (YT Exclusive Stream)

Feb 5, 2022: OCW 17 Aka The Go Big P.I.T.A Show, aka S16 Hall of Fame/S16 Awards



Happy Holidays Ya Filthy Animos!


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" makes me laugh how its gone from all ambition era holding the titles, to 3 guys from 07 holding the main titles..haha

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