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The countdown has finished! WE ARE LIVE PAL - TWITCH.TV/OCWFED

Stacy Clark presents: "face to face" with The Last Blacksmith

The Last Blacksmith

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We are in a television studio. In the center we find two chairs with Stacy Clark and The Last Blacksmith.



The Italian, without his customary facepaint, wears the same rayban worn on the 17th OCW anniversary that hide his eyes.


Stacy Clark: Ladies and gentlemen, OCW fans, we're here today with one of the most extreme wrestlers in the history of the federation, The Last Blacksmith.


Stacy Clark: You had been away from the scene for months. After last Summercide you decided to take a long break. What brought you back to professional wrestling


Blacksmith slowly takes a cigarette out of his pocket, and lights it.


Stacy Clark: No, wait I don't think you can do...


Blacksmith: I've already expressed my reasons Stacy. For a long time, this federation was full of people who talked a lot, but then they couldnt get their shit together once they were in ring with me. I was bored


Blacksmith: But now, fresh meat joined. And I have to tell you Stacy...



Blacksmith takes a drag on his cigarette...


Blacksmith: I was very impressed.


Stacy Clark: During your anniversary promo, you made a series of names. What are your plans?


Blacksmith:Plans? Oh sweetheart. Do you think I have plans?


Blacksmith:My mind is screwed up. I may either decide to stay in my hotel and drink whiskey. Or, someday, simply to interrupt a match between Christian Garcia and Owen, hitting them with a chair.


Blacksmith spreads his arms


Blacksmith: I live in the moment.


Stacy Clark: I don't think GM Tiberius Dupree would be happy with this


Blacksmith:Yea, and I don't give a damn fuck.


Stacy Clark: Please Blacksmith. Some words are forbidden on a TV show


Blacksmith:I always forget we are PG. My bad


Stacy Clark:There are rumors that you are not well seen by your colleagues in the locker room. Is it true?


Blacksmith smirks


Blacksmith:You know Stacy. I am not passionate about gossip. But I'll answer you with a question. Could you appreciate someone who proved you are not worth what you say?


Blacksmith:In these years, I have had a lot of fun to kick many asses and throw down many pedestals. I can imagine this may have bothered someone...


Blacksmith: ... and I'm proud of it.


Stacy Clark: What about Mantis?


Blacksmith: My dear friend Mantide...


Blacksmith: Mantide had a chance. But he did not turn out to be ready. I hoped I had ignited a spark in him, which would lead him to react to the mediocrity that surrounds him. Instead, he is lost in an eternal loop, which will lead him to be forgotten.


Blacksmith:Like I said, there is no redemption for him in this earth. He is lost...



Stacy Clark: One last question. As we know, the OCW federation will hold a UFC event, where your match with Kassidy Alexander Hayes will be the main event. Do you want to tell us something about it?


Blacksmith: Just one advice for the Hayes. What you did some years ago was a smart move. I suggest you to repeat it.



The scene darkens, after a close-up on Blacksmith's face

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