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The countdown has finished!

One Week Later


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Lone Pine Ranch, Michigan.

A somewhat familiar study room.

One week from Certified Greatness.


The noise of a shouting Mr. Sensation and Jake Allen fill the dusty study, the room has clearly seen better days with all the disposable food containers and beer cans filling the room, the couch with pillows and blankets make it seem someone has been sleeping there for a while now.


The “who” in this scenario becomes very obvious from the man currently sitting in front of the tv, a half finished bottle of Balvenie in hand, the North American Championship in his lap and Christian Garcia on his screen.


Alastair seems in a trance, especially once “symphony of destruction” comes on the tv.


Ross: How.. how did you of all people do it..


And then he appears on his own screen, the jacket and shirt looking a lot less Mr. Ross and a lot more Mr. Turmoil.


Ross: I said he was gone.. dead and buried.. and there he is.. how is it that a fucking.. pissant like you brought him back, I’ve fought champions, legends!.. but it was you.. course it was you..


Ross keeps staring a whole through the tv as the match continues, kicks, punches, slaps and bombs.. all the while unblinking.


Ross: You broke through.. made me care about wrestling again, even if for just ten minutes.. I felt it again.. you got what you fucking wanted…


Ross: And worst of all..out of everything you’ve done.. you walked away..


The ending of the match arrives, goodnight Glasgow. One, two, three. And tv is switched off.


Ross: And that.. I can't stand.. Guess you forgot huh?


Ross: This ends when I say it does.. and I’m not finished yet.

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