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Nier's Intro Promo for Turmoil


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Nier Yorha sits in a dimly lit gym his back to the viewers


Nier Yorha: Hello OCW Universe my name is Nier, Nier Yorha. I joined OCW for one thing and one thing only, to be the top dog in the league! ahhhhhh yes the top dog the head hancho of OCW where all the glory and fortune is given to one on a silver platter but of course I would have to work for it


Nier points to a poster showing the roster of OCW his back still showing


Nier Yorha: I know its what everyone who steps in here says but whenever i say something I MEAN IT!!! I will not hold back, I will show you why I am called The Grim Reaper! I am requesting a debut on Turmoil to show you all why I deserve to be here! to all my competitors you better hope I won't injure you....but It will be nice if i did. Even so....


Nier turns around facing the viewers head on. he has a mask with a Rorschach inspired mask with a hooded jacket and a gothic suit underneath it


Nier Yorha: I expect nothing less than a hard and good fight from my opponents a true fight where not only the physical and mental limits will be pushed to the edge. there we will see TRUE COMBAT TRUE GLORIOUS VIOLENCE!!! So light a fire in your heart OCW let this wonderous bloodbath begin and if you think I will be just another sad memory, just know that I will never be a memory

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