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 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


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Ugh its been a while since I've done one of these so lets get back into the groove. From an outside looking in point of view I will give my best judgements on what I see. I have too much to do so I don't check my spelling or my grammer so deal with. I'll try to keep this in the order that it's posted on the show. I'll also post some side notes these are just related to video editing ideas I would suggest. I know not everyone has the greatest video editing skills or the best video editing software so These are just my views you don't have to like them.

Intro video-

Huge props to Jake for the intro always excited to see a Jake video as I have never been disappointed with seeing one. If Jake didn't do this video sorry I'm giving credit to jake but, we all know it was Jake.



Glad to see quartz back at it and doesn't seem in his time gone he has even missed a step. Making his amazing return at the end of a great ppv match with Tony and Rust. I would be Lying if I said I wasn't somewhat excitied about this match. I've seen all 4 of these men in the ring before so it's nothing new but even with having seen them against each other even teaming with each other and so on. One would think you would be tired of seeing these 4 going against each other but the story behind it keeps it interesting. So count me in for watching this this could easy be a main event match without being in a main event spot.


side note - Video was nice and clean other than the audio as you can hear the menu selection sounds while watching the video.



Alistor Ross seems to be having a break down..fuck this WREX.. He is Wrex he will always be Wrex and Wrex seems to be going into a dark place. This isn't really new for Wrex but it doesnt' always end well. Last time Wrex went into this mind set he retired but was able to get things turned around with the help of B17 without Bee I don't know what to expect from this. Hopefully we don't lose Wrex again I would be happy with losing Alistor Ross but, not Wrex.



Don't have much to say as I am new to this character but Good video by the C-Note. I'm not sure if this is Benji or actually a new character. Sorry if its not just have seen too many Benjamins, and Benjamin Franklins and so on. Anyway very good promo nice to have some confidence in yourself when getting but, don't get too cocky you can easily shoot yourself in the foot. This isn't the first I have a lot of money gimmicks that have been seen here before it won't be the last but, doesn't mean it can't still have some uniqueness to it. I look forward to seeing more.

side notes - Video was decent I would only thing that bugged me was the Thanos snapping fade. I get it was to change the pose of C-Note but I would suggest just doing the change without the fade. This is just my opinion take from it what you like.


Rp -

I'm not familiar with chance I have more knowledge on Tuner but, not a huge amount so I don't have much to say about this Rp. I was good and looks like ocw might be getting another tag team. Consider OCW went from having almost no tag teams to a bunch its refreshing. Only problem with tag teams and factions in OCW is almost of them barely has pass 3 to 4 months. I know a few have gone longer so lets just hope the form a team just to break up tread has died.

Behind the curtain knowing who the handler is for Chance I don't see how forming another team when your already put of a team will work out for the other team member. But maybe that has already be worked out.


Match - Cort v C-Note

Match was decent I'm not the greatest judge of matches so I won't go too in-dept about this But, C-note reminds me of parker alot by the moveset. Even the comms team was mentioning it. right down to the dreads and the knee moves. Anyway match was good don't take the loss to bad you can learn more from a loss than you can from a win and sometimes the loss tells a better story in the long run. Good job.



Harri Etiquette comes off as a Harley Quinn with ADHD. Not saying its a bad thing. I would like her to have a clear goal and direction. The feud with Ashley Moore was interesting and funny at times but, even when things are seeming to be a more serious out come its all still taken as a joke which for me makes it hard to want to root for the character. Having been teamed up with Ashley and done pranks with Ashley against Valk there's just a time when the serious side should kick in. I mean hell just to make a clear connection take Harley Quinn goofy, lovably, unpredicable but can still have a serious side when its needed. During the Ashley Moore feud I spoke with Jae about how things were going. I don't hate the sillyness EMP isn't too far from that hereself But, the escolation for it felt wrong as Ashley getting hit with a Golf cart should been saved for later to take it to a serious level. Anyway getting off topic I feel Harri gets too random sometimes. But, maybe Harri taking this undefeated run into a story might bring another side that is missing to the character.


Video -

Who beats up a person in a Locker room and poses to an invisible crowd? who are you posing for? why are you posing? Is this how men treat each other in their locker room? Can't say I'm sold on seeing these two fight but, it could get better.

side note - I would have not done the punch as the punch seemed unnecessary. You power bombed him on the hard ass concrete floor. The brass knunckles punch is weak in comparison. If he's getting up from the power bomb which is slamming his head, neck and spine into concrete that punch means nothing.


Rp -

I'll be honest I haven't been keeping up on what is going on with Tre Golden. Why is he dancing one moment and serious the next? I'm happy to see Tre has finally found his purpose lets hope he sticks to it as being champion means nothing if you don't have a base to put it on. Question does this mean Tre is done with the Wolves of Vanguard as this biker club? Will he try to teach them a better way or will the other members see Tre as a weak spot and try to get rid of him? Very interesting. Seems to bee alot of inner demons and turmoil "pun intended" happening amongest the roster.



WTF is happen? I have no clue what is going on. Is Elliot parker going by the Angel now? who is the Prophet? what and why? Has parker split into 2 people. HUh? No offense but, trying to keep track of what parker is doing is like trying to figure out what is happening in Metal Gear Solid. This shit gets too deep for me and if you haven't been reading from book 1 page 1 you'll never understand. Props to parker for keeping this going but you've lost me long ago. Glad to see he's still active even when he can't be active. Be safe out there parker.


Video -

This makes no sense. Nate Mac and Marisa have been being heels and insaulting the crowd at times and so oh. Why would the crowd still be cheering for her? That has been a problem with alot of ocw content everyone is cheered. the faces are cheered the heels are cheered. The heels can go and shoot someones favor wrestler in the face and the crowd noises are still cheers. Why is everyone always cheering? Did Marisa exhasust herself from spanking her ass why is she sitting in the corner now? If Ashley is referring to Harri not being there. Harri is there she was backstage with Stacy Clark. Speaking of Harri I would like to say the same about Marisa when it comes to the Randomness one min they are facing each other next they are talking to each others backs. If someone is making a threat why would you have your back to them. Marisa content is just not for me. Not that Marisa does bad content the stories are very interesting. But I don't like this weird jump editing of people just doing random poses that don't make any sense.

Side note - Video is wayy to long. Should have cut both of the entrances down to them just walking to the ring.



It was an rp. Not really much to take from it. Seems like chance wants to try his chances at putting Marcus down a few pegs. We'll see where this leads.


Match - Tag Team

First off I would like to state how much I hate this game's mechaincs and this match highlights alot of those reasons. The stunbar things is fucking dumb because not only can you not move for some dumb as reason you can't attack, you can't rev or anything. But thats beside the fact most of this match was atatatatatatt. Which I understand is sadly the only way to do different moves sometimes but I don't have to like it. It was a not so great tag team match that honestly didn't do a good job of showing of anyone's talents. If it wasn't for chance throwing Claudio into the corner and letting Marcus tag this was going to be a short match even then Marcus barely got both feet into the ring before the atatataata started back up. This match felt artifically extended as chance had an oppertunity to finish it but tagged.


Rp -

This Rp felt out of place mostly because it included Chance and Marcus that were both just in a match with each other where chance pins Marcus so to follow that up with this rp just doesn't make sense. It's like two people having a hell in a cell with each other then there is an rp after the match with two getting ice cream and talking like nothing happened. Either this RP should have been placed differently or Chance and Marcus should not have been included.



I liked this oddly enough. At first I thought it was going to be some five nights a freddys shit with the music and everything. But yeahhhhhh fucking Wrex is back the real wrex not that soft served icecream Wrex. I'm just use to wrex trying to kill everything he comes across its the wrex I loved. Who did he hit with the shovel? was it CG? if so how this mother fucker standing after that. This guy should be bleeding from the ears.

Side note - I thought it was well put together had a nice suspense I would have left CG on the ground rather than having him stand up it takes away from the shovel attack.



Not much to say about this one. It gives a little back story and some character development to the Owen and Sheldon. It was verrrry long could have probably been shortened some but it was interesting.


Video -

Now this verus the Marisa video are day and night. This wasn't long didn't over work anything and was amazingly put together. I love how Jim Black just stands there letting it happen like I'm not getting involved. lol Very well done. I would like to see more of this. It's rare the females interview or even use Jim Black wither its in written or video so its nice to see him invovled in something other than what the men are doing. Can't think of a single thing I would change or add.


Rp -

Wasn't bad honestly the back and forth with John, Marisa and Nate mac has been a very interesting story which should be the main focus of the marisa character right now. All this stuff with Ashley Moore and anyone else shouldn't be over taken by what is happening here. I'm more interested in seen if Marisa ends up cheating on Nate Mac with John or if there is some kind of secert attraction there otherwise why would John still be dealing with either of them as he has already beaten Nate Mac. Interesting.



Anyway thats that first 2 pages of the show and all the time of have for this today. Maybe I'll finish up later if the mood strikes me.

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