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Social Media Exclusive! Tony addresses the crowd after the Night Two Main Event.

Antonio Everrett

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Minutes after Quartz has left the ring and headed backstage after his monumental CCW Championship victory in the main event of Wrestlelution, the two London boys, DOC and Tony Everrett, get up with the help of various medical professionals and head into the ring.


The pair turn and look at each other. They look out into the 87’000 strong Wembley Stadium crowd and take in a thunderous applause from their local supporters.


Crowd: STAND UP… If you love the Uncrowned, STAND UP… If you love the Uncrowned, STAND UP!...


The camera zooms in on the former CCW Champion. With tears in his eyes, he claps back towards the crowd and mouths words of thanks to those who showed up. He turns back and looks at DOC, who smiles warmly at Tony.


Much like Tony, he too is filled with emotion, and the two embrace, sparking a loud cheer from the crowd. After a moment, Tony turns to the corner of the ring and grabs a microphone. He takes a moment to compose himself before addressing the Wembley crowd.


Tony: … Thank you so much for coming, guys. Seriously, without all of you here today, nothing that DOC and I have ever done in our careers would have ever been possible. You have all made our dreams come true, and for that, there is nothing we could ever do that would be able to repay you all for the life you have given to us and our families.


Crowd: Thank you Tony.. THANK YOU DOC!... Thank you Tony… THANK YOU DOC!...


Tony looks over at DOC and chuckles, before continuing.


Tony: I’m sorry neither of us could get it done for you tonight, guys. It would have been the perfect ending to a perfect weekend, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes, right? But look, give it up for Quartz, man!


Tony points towards the backstage area and the crowd cheers in response.


Tony: That guy is a fucking warrior, inside and outside of the ring. We have given that guy quite a bit of stick over the years, but if you saw what he did on a day to day basis for this company you would see exactly why he deserves this moment. And Rusty as well, that guy is an absolute fucking genius in this ring.


Tony turns and looks at DOC.


Tony: And DOC, my brother, to share this moment with you is a privilege and an honour of a lifetime. The fact that you hadn’t main evented a Lution before tonight is an absolute travesty because you sir are the single best wrestler on this planet. No one even comes close to you, bro.


Tony and DOC share another hug. Tony steadies himself once again and continues.


Tony: Look, I talked a lot of shit in the build up to this match, I’ll admit it. I wanted to win this match to cement my legacy as the greatest CCW Champion of all time. And I know that I won't be leaving this stadium with the CCW Championship, but the minute I stepped out of that curtain in front of you all holding that title, I realised I’d already won.


Tony: I got to walk out in front of a sold out Wembley Stadium, in my hometown, in the main event of the biggest show of the year as the number one champion of OCW. And that will be my legacy as CCW Champion, and I can be content with that as I move into the next chapter of my career.


Tony: But what a ride it’s been, man. Winning the title at Lution last year. I’ve been able to face rookies, legends, and everything in between in my time as Champion. I wish I could’ve defended the title more for you guys, seriously. But, to be fair, I was able to participate in the Super S-Cup as CCW Champion instead, which was an absolute honour.


Tony: I’ve had the privilege to take part in matches that will never be forgotten in OCW history during this run. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end…


The crowd let out a shocked gasp. The murmurs turn into cheers as the crowd begins to chant.


Crowd: Thank you Tony!... clap, clap, clap-clap-clap.. Thank you Tony!...


Tony: … I’m not fucking retiring, guys, calm down.


Tony chuckles to himself, and looks at DOC, who is also laughing.


Tony: Actually, if anything-


DOC turns to face Tony and gives him a bit of a concerned look.


DOC (mouthing): I don’t think we’re allowed to talk about that yet, mate.


A look of realisation comes over Tony’s face.


Tony: Ohh shit, yeah. Hmm…


Tony looks out into the crowd, and raises an eyebrow with a smirk. The crowd cheers in response.


Tony: Do you guys want to hear a secret?


The crowd cheers even louder.


Tony: We bottled the main event of Lution mate, I think we can give them this one, what do you reckon?


DOC holds his hands up and speaks to Tony, though his words are inaudible due to the loud roar from the crowd.


DOC: It’s your funeral mate, I’m not getting involved in this one.


Tony: Deal. So, as I was saying..


Tony: … If anything, we’re gonna be around for much longer because DOC and I have signed new deals with OCW which is going to keep us around for a loooong time! You ain’t seen the back of these two pretty faces just yet, I promise!


The crowd cheers loudly once again.


Tony: … I know, I know. But for now, I need to rest. I think it’s fair to say I’ve done a lot of wrestling over the last twelve months. Pay Per Views, TV, Live Shows, Tournaments. All with pretty much no real break at any point. I need to spend some time with my family, I’m sure you’ll all understand. But I.. we’ll be back, I promise. Enjoy the rest of your night, guys, thank you so much for coming to this special, special show. And.. let’s do this again sometime, yeah?


Tony lifts his mic to the crowd and they roar one final time. He daps up his tag team partner, DOC, and the two head to the back. The pair spend some time high-fiving, signing, and taking pictures with fans before they finally disappear into the backstage area.

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