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Road to Red Sun Rising: Summercide

Drago Cesar

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The Cesar Dojo, August 25th, 2022


The Silent Queen, or Regina Tacet, Dragana Cesar is seen reading Death of a Salesman. Flipping through the pages, her eyes squint to examine the words on the page as she turns to write on a nearby notebook. The former Women’s Champion appears to be taking her time writing extensive notes until the peace is disturbed by the sound of a landline phone ringing. She jumps up and looks at the caller ID with her eyes wide open.


She picks up the phone without hesitation.


Dragana: U-uh…..


She looks around before she motions to someone off camera. The “Best in the World” Drago Cesar runs in and picks up the phone, much to Dragana’s relief.


Drago: Hello! Oh he-


Drago lifts his head up, raising an eyebrow.


Drago: Summercide? You sure? Uh, yes yes. I’m be there. See you!


He hangs up and looks back at his sister.


Drago: I got business in Miami.


Miami International Airport/On The Road, August 26th, 2022


A heavily disguised Cesar Clan step out of the airport and into a rental car, Drago wearing a large trench coat with oversized shades and strange cowboy boots riding shotgun while Dragana is wearing a beanie with a face mask. Dragana takes the drivers seat while Johnny Law steps in one of the back seats holding a camera up to the pair.


Drago: This feel so strange. I’m have to hide myself so people don’t know what going on.


Dragana laughs while her brother adjusts his shades.


Drago: Is been so long since I’m last had match in ring. Three Lution ago I’m think so. Wow.

Drago: So many people come and go since then. We have….so much great, young talent keeping things good for us you know? And then here I am, some guy having midlife crisis wearing sneakers and jersey to wrestling match.


They all share a laugh as Drago scratches his head.


Drago: We see what happen!


Summercide, August 27th, 2022


The Cesar Clan are seen standing right beside gorilla, with Drago pacing back and forth, holding his neck with both hands.


Drago: Rust Cohle is out there now….. He waiting…..They have no idea who coming next.


Johnny: What’s going through your mind right now?


Drago: So much. I excited, mostly nervous.


Drago laughs.


Drago: They even gonna remember me? Yes I was main event pay-per-view years ago, but that was long time ago.


The sound of a lion’s roar can be heard from the arena as the crowd explode into a fever pitch. Dragana pats Drago on the shoulder. The “Best in the World” shakes his head and psyches himself up.


Drago: It’s showtime!


He steps out of gorilla……




Drago arrives back at gorilla shaken up from the red hot crowd. He shows Johnny his trembling hands.


Drago: See this? Is not stopping.


Johnny: How are you feeling man?


Drago: I am shocked. I-I don’t know, I’m didn’t think people would explode like this!


He lets out a nervous laughter as his eyes start to water.


Drago: I’m so happy. So, so happy. Um…I don’t know what to say.


Dragana gives him a hug to calm him down. Drago waves at the camera.


Drago: See you guys soon!

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