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A Timely Reunion

Maxx Edwards

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We open on an old looking office room, one we have not seen in a long time. Old wrestling tapes, OCW titles and alcohol bottles adorn the walls where in the center, a desk can be seen hosting the owner and head coach of Scumchester Academy, Wrex.

He seems to be staring at a TV in the corner of the room, a more current match than usual is being watched, one involving Samsin Simpson.

Wrex: Why did I even bother with this guy..


Suddenly a loud doorbell can be heard throughout the Scumchester ranch house, begrudgingly he stands, heading downstairs to the door he opens it, revealing..

Wrex: Luis!?


Bishop: WREX!


Wrex’s favorite student instantly goes in for a hug to which Wrex accepts.

Wrex: The hell are you doing her kid? It’s been months since you’ve shown up!


Bishop: I’ve been working…saving up money to come see you.


Bishop: You’ve been out here for so long and I wanted to come and see you and get a good old session before our trip to Mexico.


Bishop: Speaking of…you got me for my ticket right?


Wrex: …Quick training session huh? C’mon, we’ll take the truck.


Bishop: Sweet! I’ll get the keys.


Bishop leaps into the air and springs into action as he goes to where the former CCW Champion always keeps his keys, a commemorative bingo bomber glass.

Bishop: Anything else?


Wrex: Yeah uh.. grab me a beer while you’re at it.


Bishop scurries across the living room grabbing the beverage from the mini fridge hidden under the coffee table.

Running out of errands, Wrex awkwardly scratches the top of his receding hairline as he watches his student complete all of his tasks.

Wrex: So Bishop.. about that plane ticket…


Bishop: You got me right? Ain’t no way I’m gonna be able to make it especially after coming all the way out here.


Wrex: So there was.. A mixup with the airline, but the good news is I chartered a private plane, so I’ve got an easy way to get you there..


Bishop: So I won’t need a ticket?


Wrex: Kinda.. It’s only a two seater..


Wrex brings out an empty suitcase and places it on the floor before unzipping it.

Bishop: Oh you got me a-


Wrex: And Parca paid for it.. So get in.


Bishop takes in a big gulp as the camera fades away.

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