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OCWFed Digital Exclusive: OWEN post-DC2NY


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The scene opens backstage at Don’t Come to New York. A long table has been set up with a black table cloth over it to cover it. Atop it stand bottles of water and microphones with stands. Behind them are chairs. A nameless OCW official walks towards the tables and sets down a name plate in front of one of the microphones that states OWEN. A few moments later the official hurries away out of the sight of a sea of journalists, and OWEN walks past them, towards a seat where he carefully withdraws his chair and sits down.


OWEN: I will take three questions. Who is first?


Interviewer #1: At Summercide you came away with the win over Doc. Tonight you failed to do that. How do you feel about the loss?


OWEN displays the look of someone who anticipated the question coming but nonetheless feels annoyed by it even being asked.


OWEN: I’m angry. At myself. At Doc. In August, I showed where I stand in OCW. In matches against top competitors. Former champions, current champions and legends in all but name.


OWEN: Other people used the word Kingslayer and I didn’t give it much credence because Doc lost on the night. Anyone can lose on a bad night.


OWEN: This was my opportunity to set the record. Emphatically. Instead, the waters have been muddied.


OWEN: Now there is doubt… where there should be none.


OWEN: Now there is a rubber match… where there should be none.


A different journalist raises their hand and OWEN nods to them to indicate to ask their question.


Interviewer #2: Social media has been buzzing since your match concluded, with many fans apparently confused about why you would offer your hand to Doc, especially after he refused yours at Summercide. Can you explain your motivation for why you shook his hand?


OWEN looks thoughtful before answering with the look of someone who is sorting through how they feel as words escape their lips.


OWEN: Wrestling is a sport.


OWEN: I lost tonight but Doc, the wrestler, was the better competitor.


OWEN: Where I come from, you show your respect, even when the result goes against you.


OWEN: But that’s part of what makes me angry towards Doc, the man. The man and I went one on one in August and I chopped his head so hard he stayed down for the three count.


OWEN: Did he shake my hand? No, he threw a tantrum like a toddler.


OWEN: He did not give my “flowers” as I was due. He sulked, regrouped and then came again.


OWEN: But remember what happened when the score was even and we hadn’t competed against each other, who came out on top?


OWEN: Was it Doc? No, it was not. It was me.


OWEN: He needed more time to figure out how to beat me… good for him… now it’s my time to return the favour.


OWEN looks around for the final question - looking around the room for a favourable journalist whom he then nods to.


Interviewer #3: The Future Investment, John Carter, at the start of the night called Sanctum “paper champions”, do you have any comments for him?


OWEN: Aside from being a horrendously bad tag team wrestler, John Carter clearly doesn’t know the meaning of words.


OWEN: Normally you call someone a paper champion because they don’t fight credible opponents or fight very little and both of those accusations are false in Sanctum’s case.


OWEN: But he wouldn’t understand that because he lost his championship in his second defence.


OWEN: John, I know every waking moment of your life is preoccupied with making sure you don’t end up like your ex-stablemate Elliot Parker and squander the opportunity of the Future Investment, but please do try to educate yourself.


OWEN: You have the opportunity of a lifetime to be remembered not for an appallingly bad tag team record, for beating Doc in controversial circumstances or, seemingly, taking a drunk woman home for extra-curriculars.


OWEN: Despite what I think about your tag team skills, you do know how to switch it on when it’s just you by yourself.


OWEN: Don’t write cheques your body can’t cash.


OWEN: Thank you, everyone.


OWEN rises from his chair, reaches for a water bottle, opens the bottle and takes a long drink from it before walking away from the amassed media.

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